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      Is anyone using a signal switch pedal (or another method) to change the order of Timefactor & Modfactor on their pedalboard?

      What's the best way to achieve this?

      Both 'factors have 2 inputs and outputs so it should be possible to connect them in both orders with an A/B switch before them – but the dual in/outputs are for either mono or stereo signals. I'm confused about what sacrifices that would entail.

      Can anyone explain, please?

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      My question was answered by helpful folk at http://www.tdpri.com/forum/stomp-box

      The best solution seems to be the LoopMaster Effect Sequence Reverser, a switch-box with In, Out, and 2 Send/Receives. Hoping this will work. Here's a link:


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      I am using a 2 channel amp. So, I use a Boss Line Selector to switch between channels. In order to have the TF on both signal paths, I use both A and B inputs/outputs. By doing this, I loose the twin delay option, but I can handle each delay on a patch separatedly. For example, I can have A delay on 0 and B delay on 5. This would fit if have my A channel for rythm and B for lead, just stomp on the LSelector and the delay automatically goes on or off depending on which channel I use. You can mix two delay times on a patch also, having longer delays on one channel. Lots of uses this way, but requieres time to get it organized…

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      Both the input and output are seperate if you have plugs in both jacks. I plan on doing this….

      Loop 1 -> Pitchfactor L

      Loop 8 -> PitchFactor R

      In most cases they would mutually exclusive. I think that would give you a two position Mono Factor.

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       The solution for me is a boss line selector and a rocktron patchmate .Patchmate send 1 >boss A return ,boss send A>patchmate return1,patchmate send 8>boss B return,boss send B > patchmate return 8,boss output > in modfactor,out modfactor > boss input.The mode of line selector in A+B mix,use  levels of the ls-2 to match the two signals, excuse me for tthe bad english.

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