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      Hi Guys!

      Where i can see the changes after i set the Global to On (before and after the new update)?

      i was try to change the Mix and Tempo in Play Mode and Bank Mode before and after i change it to On and nothing change…

      maybe it's fiction…? Big Smile

      Thank you

      Ofer, Isreal.

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      It's nonfiction!

      Global affects the way Presets load. If you set Global Mix to ON then every Preset's saved Mix setting will be ignored and the Mix value will always be set to wherever the actual Mix knob is pointing.

      If you set Global Tempo to ON then every Preset saved with Tempo On will load with the currently tapped-in tempo instead of the tempo saved in the preset.

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      Is there a way to make all the knobs global? thanks

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      Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of presets?  If everything loaded the way the knobs were set, there would be nothing to load, except the algorithms.

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           Just like using a normal ala boss pedal with no presets, just knobs. I gig in a different venues all the time. I use a lot of delay. I usually change the settings of my delay depending on the venue I'm in. I think it would be a cool function. 

         I'm not a preset guy (defeats the purpose of me getting a TF I know) but I think out of all the delays I've gigged with ,the TF has the best repeats out of all of them. That's why i stick with it.

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      Would leaving it in "play" mode and just never saving a patch work? Seems like that covers what you need to do.

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