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      Hi guys & girls.

      I just bought a TimeFactor recently, and i've just added it to my main pedal board, but  because of the reverse polarity, i'm a litte confused as to what to do with it (yes, daft i know…)

      My power is coming from a T-Rex Fuel tank Classic.

      Obviously voltage-wise it makes sense to hook it into the blue line, any ideas on whether this will cause behaviour issues (with the pedal… not me…) or where i should look for an adaptor to reverse the polarity?

      Any advice would be appreciated…


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      Hi Dan,

      You definitely need to use the correct polarity on the power plug. See specs below:

      5.5 x 2.5mm barrel, tip positive.TimeFactor can operate from a 5W power source that supplies regulated 9 to 12VDC max.
      minimum required power ranges from a maximum of 4.5W at power up (all
      LEDs lit) to about 3.6W in normal operation depending on how many LEDs
      are lit.

      For a regulated 12VDC, the current requirement is 380mA at power up and 300mA in normal operation. Do not use unregulated 12V.

      For a regulated 9VDC, the current requirement is 500 mA at power up and 400mA in normal operartion.

      We recommend the Eventide PowerFactor for your stompbox power needs.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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