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      I know that most modulation sounds are based on delay. anyone got any settings for chorus, phaser, flanger, leslie, reverb etc. (basically anything that doesn't sound like delay) that you can share. I'd love to have settings for these kind of pedals all in one box for gigs. even just share the concepts so we can explore on our own. thanks.

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      Let me preface this by saying I've got all 4 Factors, and the ModFactor covers a lot of the ground you're looking for. Space is by far the best sounding and most flexible stompbox reverb I've ever heard. However, your question concerns the TimeFactor. While I usually get these effects from other Factors, I'll try to point you in the direction of a few TF factor presets that hopefully you can use as a starting point.

      (to do flange with a chorus, turn delay dowb below 12ms or so and turn feedback up)

      Chorus: 5:5 Classic Chorus

                       35:1 ChorusyTrem

                       45:2 Chorusphase No Delay

      Phaser: 21:1 Lazyphasy

                      35:2 Flaser

                      38:1 Phasery Band

                      38:2 Phasery Band 2

                      43:2 Phasery Banddelay

      Flanger: 49:1 Trashcan Flange

      Leslie: 2:2 Bridge of Sighs

      Reverb: 1:2 Airplane Hanger

                      13:1 Multitap Hall

                       13:2 Ambient Multitap (turn slur up if necessary)

                       16.1 Springy Verb

      I'm sure there are more… This is just what I pulled out of the TF preset list that I thought might get you in the ballpark. At least, I hope they'll be good starting points and with a little tweaking, you should be able to find what you're looking for or come very close.

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      Thank you for response. I'll be sure to look at those presets. I actually have the modfactor but just for those small gigs its overkill for the amount of modulation i actually use.

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      I am at the same place as you, owning both but likely to carry just the TF.

      Have a look at this preset of mine, is a gentle chorus that works very well within a live performance (not best used playing alone):

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      Cool! I've got all mine strapped to a pedalboard, so if one goes, they all do. I can certainly understand why you'd just carry one, though.

      Nice patch, adr1anos… Thanks for sharing it!!

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