Timefactor shielding problem, hissing noise. recall?

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      Hey guys,

      I just noticed that my timefactor is hissing. I thought maybe it was another pedal so I tried putting the time factor in front of the amp with just my guitar and it is definitely the time factor. when I unplug the eventide power supply from the Monster (noise suppressing) power strip the hissing stops and the guitar signal is clear. The tf was in bypass when I tried this btw

      I heard that there was a "shielding" recall of some sort with the first 200 time factors or something like that.

      I bought it used so Its possible that it could be one of those 200…?

      Is anyone else experiencing these problems? Does this sound like the shielding problem to anyone?

      I love my timefactor so If I had to I would put up with the hiss 😉 but I don't think its suppose to be there.

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      I talked with D. Rooney at customer Support and he said all I needed was a buffer to put before the time factor so I ordered one yesterday. I will let you know how it turns out.

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