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      bulls hit

      On startup my Timefactor is behaving badly.

      The display either sits on the ‘Eventide’ logo and the pedal is effectively lifeless, or the display flashes and sequences like a mad thing as if someone was flicking through presets at 100MPH and translating the patch names to Russian on the fly. During this lightshow the knobs will occasionally have an effect but mostly the pedal seems to be in bypass mode.


      It used to do this occassionaly and a quick power recycle would usually fix it. I upgraded the firmware a few months ago and it seemed to work fine after that, but now the lunatics have well and truly taken over.

      Anyone had anything similar happen, and any chance it’s fixable?



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      If you haven't done so already, could you send a quick email with the content of this forum post to support@eventide.com?

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      bulls hit

      Thnaks,just sent an email

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