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      I shortly listened to a piece of music, where the delay sound was just processed, when the peak of the guitar-playing went over a certain amount – at least it sounded exactly that way…

      My Question:
      Is this possible to do?! I mean imagine, you pick something, then sometimes want to have echoes, sometimes not… but not as a usual dynamic delay just in the pauses, no, if the signal gets louder, the echoes come in – just louder peaks are processed!

      Wouldn't this sound great?! And wouldn't this be a great addition to the Dynamic Delay on the Timefactor?!

      I mean – it should be possible, as the Dynamic Delay has got a peak sensor – doesn't it? You just would have to invert this function and connect this with the mix-level.

      If this is possible – please try considering this!!! I think many people would find this very practical!

      Thanks very much for this pedal – i just plain love it!

      I know, we pedal geeks can't get enough! But i think apart from the looper issue, and my little wishlist on top, that this is one of the best pedals ever made! It's just musical, and that's the main thing!

      Greetings from Bavaria


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       Sure, it's easy…just use a downward expander instead of the compressor. In fact, a good way to implement it would be to have the ratio knob allow you to select expansion ratios (i.e. ratios below 1:1). The only difference is that the expansion would have to work below the threshold, whereas compression would be above it.



      PS: This capability was available on the TC2290 

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       I'd really love a dynamic delay setting as well. I love having leads that aren't all washed out, but get a nice delay when you hold a note or take a pause.  I'm really tempted to trade in my timefactor for a nova delay which has this feature. . . but I like so many other things about the timefactor.


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      ehm – the timefactor got a dynamic delay setting called "ducked delay"! it's exactly what you're looking for!

      what i am looking for though is that there's a possibility to "invert" the ducking – so that if there's a loud guitar signal, it will be processed with delay, silent signals aren't processed!

      but try the ducked delay – it's well done!

      no need for the nova delay, which has a dynamic setting aswell, but you can't dial that in very good…



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Diego,

      I'll add the feature request and we'll see what we can do.


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      Hi Dan,

      that's very kind of you.

      thank you. i hope for the best – which – of course – the timefactor already is 🙂


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      Wow, that's been awhile.

      Any hints if this function will be implemented in one of the next updates?

      Would be sooo great.



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