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       Hi, I just need a good external footswitch for tap the tempo in bank mode on my TF. I own a On/Off Bespeco pedal that doesn't work (who knows why..). Could you recommend a good model for this purpose? (Boss FS5U?)

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      I decided to build my own aux switch with 3 switches and it's working great.
      I used 3 3PDT momentary switches connected to one trs jack. One shorts tip to sleeve, one ring to sleeve and the third both tip & ring to sleeve.
      If you prefer to buy one the first thing is that you need one with a balanced (stereo if you like) jack. Then, it have to do one of the three actions I mentioned before, it doesn't matter wich, since then you can program on TF settings what will happen when you push thebutton.
      Hope I 've been clear.

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      I use the Boss FS5-u and it works great. And it has a nice soft action too. The reason your on/off switch doesn't work is because they need to be momentary switches.

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      Would you happen to have a photo of the wiring? I would like to build my own as well.

      Do I need diodes? I've read on http://www.tdpri.com/forum/burnt-fingers-diy-effects/149397-help-building-3-way-aux-switch.html that I need them. Is this true?

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      Awesome, I have a boss fs-5u as well and was wondering if you need a TRS cable to use it on the timefactor or if a regular patch cable would work? Thanks

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      Standard cable works fine, I think it defaults to infinite reapeats, but you can easily program it to be tap tempo.

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      Standard cable works fine. I think it defaults to infinite repeats, but you can easily change that in the TF menu.

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