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      I have a Time Factor with Version 2.4.2[1] software and I found a
      trouble when I'm using a looper and my pedal is set in Relay Bypass

      – The first time that I use the loopers everything works well but when
      I empty the loop I can't record anything. The time number on display is running
      and apparently the sound is recorded but when I press play no sound

      – When I'm using DSP or DSP+FX Bypass Mode everything works well even
      when I empty the loop.

      I don't know if this problem is related to my pedal or the software.
      My Time Factor is new (just 2 mouths) and I always use carefully.

      If someone can help me, I'll be thankful.


      João Victor

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      This is a known issue which we hope to have a fix for in the next software release.

      It only affects Relay Bypass mode, so for now the fix is to use the Looper in DSP or DSP+FX Bypass Mode.



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