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      This plugin is already quickly becoming one of my favorite go to reverb plugins alongside Valhalla's reverbs.  The inclusion of a compressor is absolutely fantastic and makes it super easy to get side chained reverb sounds so I love you guys for including it in there.

      Would it be possible, however, to lock certain sections of the plugin while browsing presets?  For instance if I set up some nuanced compressor or EQ settings for a specific purpose and want to keep them locked while I peruse the presets so I don't have to keep manually re-entering them whenever I flip to to new preset.   

      Hope this is possible, thanks again!

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      This is a great idea. I can't make any promises, but I like it!

      There's already been lots of talk about a Mix lock, but you're right that we may as well be able to lock every section… 

      Thanks for reaching out.


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