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      I recently bought a used H9 Core on ebay that supposedly included "80% of Algorithms". Well, when it arrived, there were 12 presets loaded. Not anywhere near 80%, but still a really good deal.

      When I tried to connect it to my ipad, the serial that showed up in my settings did not match the serial written on the side of the box. The serial on the bottom of the pedal itself was peeled off. There was velcro tape on the bottom which I had to peel off, but I still have the tape and there is no residue, so the sticker was already removed.

      I am currently talking to support, who have been incredibly helpful and they showed me how to access the serial that shows on my pedal when I enter a certain mode. So I finally got my ipad and H9 talking, but now, I only have 1 algorithm!!! It only shows "Delay" and "910949". Is it possible that the previous owner stole the those 12 algorithms? Is that even possible? 

      I apologize if the answer to this is really obvious, but I am pretty new to the whole expandable stompbox concept. Any feedback is appreciated. 

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      it seems the previous owner sold you something, that can´t be sold.

      If you buy algorithms they stay in your Eventide account and are not sold with the device, unless it´s an H9 MAX.

      So your H9 Core fell back into it´s original amount of algos: one.

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