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       hi !

       I was thinking of something for my effect rig, I'd like to control presets by MIDI for TF, PF and MF at the same time and I was thinking of also piloting other midi devices.
      Would it be possible to use 9 footswitches (3 per eventide device) and have them controlling different thigs?
      in fact, one for tap tempo, bank up bank down, active/bypass, and the remaining ones for other midi functions of devices (as switching amp channels…).
      The 3x3switches would be a midi pedal board in a certain way…
      Do you think that would be do able?

      Thanks !


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      Eventide Staff

       The AUX switches can send MIDI CC, so could probably do what you need, unless you want them to send Program Change or Sysex, in which case you'll need a real pedalboard.

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       OK thanks ! I think this should do exactly what i need then !

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