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      This may sound a little petty, but I'm sure 99% of the Modfactor and Timefactor owners use velcro to attach the pedals to their boards. The rubber pad on the bottom makes it impossible to find a nice, clean, flat surface, to attach the velcro,without ripping the rubber pad off, or at least part of it.

      Is it possible to re-design the bottom to accomondate a place in each corner for applying velcro? Or do you have a better suggestion for securing pedals to a pedalboard?

      Thanks for listening


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      I agree 100%. I had to take the rubber pads off of both the TimeFactor and ModFactor. The pad stuck a little better to the TimeFactor but absolutely would not stick to the ModFactor.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hey Guys,

      I've heard that one of our beta testers has done 2 long tours with industrial strength velcro and it's continued to work.  I'll get the details and forward them on.


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      Hey Dan….

      I would appreciate hearing about this as well. I placed the TimeFactor and ModFactor on my pedalboard over the weekend. I use high quality velcro as well, on all my pedals for several years now. The TimeFactor and ModFactor would easliy pull off my board, leaving the velcro attached to the pedalboard.

      I removed the "padding" on the bottom of both pedals and placed velrco in those same locations, no problem with the pedals pulling away now.

      If there is a solution for this, I'd like to place the original pads back on the pedals.

      I'll watch this thread for your follow-up. Thanks for taking the time to check into this…..

      – Keith

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      Me, too, Dan. Use my pedals on a rack shelf (w/velcro) – all other peds stay in place – same problemo – won't stick. Even though I treat my rack with great care – Mr. Timefactor won't stay put. I take it out nightly and place in gig bag – then take out and plug back in – not instant setup. Don't feel like pulling off "padding"


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       C'mon you guys, this is a piece of gear, not a piece of jewelry.  I'm planning on buying one these soon and it's definitely gonna have the pad taken off and velcro put on the back – I'm sure it will easy enough to remove the velcro and re-apply the pad if necessary.

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      I just peeled off the bottom pad and then applied the super velcro! Now I can't get it off my pedalboard!>……..Works great!……

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