LANDR Customer? Get CrushStation for Free - Eventide Audio

Eventide X LANDR CrushStation® Promo

For a limited time, LANDR subscribers can get Eventide’s
CrushStation overdrive/distortion plug-in for free!

CrushStation is a versatile, best-in-class, stereo distortion platform with the ability to drive your tone from creamy saturation to a brutal sonic assault. But distortion is just the starting point. CrushStation brings multi-effects to the mix by adding a three-band EQ, Compression, Octave Mix and, Eventide’s unique take on failing hardware, the Sag control. Use the MIX Control to blend your dry signal with CrushStation to create parallel compression, distortion, and other creative effects.

Installation/Activation Instructions

  1. Register your plug-in using your Eventide account, iLok user ID, serial number and license key.
  2. Find your plug-in license in the iLok License Manager and activate it on your computer.
  3. Download the plug-in installer and run it on the same computer as your DAW and iLok License Manager.
  4. Launch your DAW. If you do not see the plug-in, you may need to configure your DAW and rescan.