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ANR Anthology XI Review

If we were stranded on a desert island these plugins would definitely be among the ones we would have. 

Bass Musician Anthology XI review

An incredibly expansive collection of everything that made Eventide what it is today. The end result is a home studio that’s got more capabilities than you could’ve ever imagined, without the need for racks and racks of units.

Making Music Review

Eventide continues to produce quality, interesting effects. You may already be salivating at the thought of the potential these plug-ins offer. They are powerful, very high quality, and many are unique or have unique features.

Resident Advisor Anthology XI

If you are looking for a CPU-friendly effect suite that covers a huge spectrum of audio processing, Anthology XI is worth your consideration.

H9 Equipboard review

If inspiration strikes you, the remarkable versatility and processing power of the H9 can turn your dream into reality. It really is amazing what this little box can do.

Resolution H9000 Review

Many of the effects available in the H9000 are utterly inspired and inspiring for working creatively with audio ... there is cleary still a market for a powerful specialised hardware device like the amazing H9000.

Tape Op Rose review

 I used this pedal straight out of the box on a session and it was fantastic. After a few overdubs, my brain began to absorb the Rose's workflow, and I was using MOST of its features as second nature. Let's just say it's a very deep pedal but also very intuitive.