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The sound of the Reverb 2016 is pretty magical.

There is something about the way this neat box generates reverb — and more importantly, the way that its reverbs sit in a mix — that makes this a great machine.

Eventide Unveils the H9 Max

Eventide unveiled the ultimate addition to the acclaimed H9 Harmonizer stompbox line: H9 MAX. Available now, the H9 MAX comes pre-loaded with all the effects from each of Eventide’s acclaimed TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space stompboxes, including the new Looper, plus all H9 exclusive algorithms in perpetuity at no additional cost. H9 MAX comes bundled with 45 effect algorithms and over 500 factory presets. H9 MAX is chock full of Eventide’s handpicked algorithms of boundary smashing effects heard on hit records spanning over four decades.

Eventide Direct Updater OSX 10.8 or above

Eventide Direct Updater v2.0.7

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements 

Eventide Direct Updater v2.0.3

* Added support for Rose devices

Eventide Direct Updater v1.7.0

* This build now pulls the stompbox updates from the cloud

H9 Control App - Mac OSX 10.8+

Important: To get a new algorithm you MUST first download the latest version of H9 Control and then you MUST update the software on your H9 stompbox.


1. Download & Update H9 Control

2. Update the Software on your H9

  1. Connect your H9 to H9 Control (via Bluetooth or USB Cable)
  2. Start H9 Control
  3. Click the Pedal icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click "Update Stompbox's Software"
  5. Select the latest release