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Newfangled Audio Generate v1.2 Update

Newfangled Audio’s flagship polyphonic synthesizer—Generate—is getting its first major update after already making huge impressions with musicians, beatmakers, and sound designers alike since its release in September 2020.

Giving users the ultimate flexibility, the Generate v1.2 update adds three brand NEW distinctive chaotic generator flavors to the synth. Choose between the Double Pendulum, Vortex, Pulsar, Discharge, Turbine chaotic generators, or explore the NEW Helix, Crescent, and Magma generators for truly unprecedented synthesis experiences.

The Generate 1.2 Polysynth is enhanced with a great number of user-feature requests, as well as sound generation additions, more precise and creative controls. To explore this latest version, we created a fully composed piece of music using only the NEW Presets in the Generate.

Charting the entirely NEW aural waters and vast vivid sonic tapestries with this easy-to-use polyphonic powerhouse—we are beyond impressed with just how quickly it was to download, install, and call up distinctive sounds, timbres, and textures for use in a song instantly.

Generate v1.2 Update Features:

1. NEW Generators Modes

With these three new Generators, Generate reaches out into the realm of more traditional synth sounds while staying grounded in its roots, making it a more versatile instrument overall.

  • NEW Helix Mode:Based on spirals; FM-like, can create deranged sounds
  • NEW Crescent Mode: For brilliantly clean and clear classically synth sounds
  • NEW Magma Mode :For transparently playable smooth vintage tones
The NEW Helix Generator Mode

2. NEW Expanded Modulation

Inspired to bring modular synth style controls to a software poly-synth, the update features an ensemble of modulation features typically found more often on modular synths.

  • NEW Looping Envelopes: Creates organic sounding LFOs that add movement to your beat, music productions, and soundscape designs.
  • NEW Bipolar LFO: Easily create more powerful modulations that modulate around the knob value with an added independent Output Level Control.
  • NEW Modulatable Modulators: Create more complex modulations, especially the kinds of cross-modulation that make modular synths so much fun.
  • NEW Modulation Control of The Master Pitch: Modulate the Pitch Bend per note, by routing any modulation output to the Master Pitch via the Pitch Bend knob

3. NEW Preset Collections

Adding another 40+ presets to the already extensive 650+ Presets that shipped with Generate 1.0, including many artists presets.

  • NEW Features Presets: Highlighting Numerous NEW Features of The Polysynth
  • NEW Patches Presets: Bass, Keys, Pads, Sequences, Textures, Leads, Drones, and More
  • NEW Artist Presets: Preset Collections From SonalSystem, and More Coming Soon

4. NEW Micro Tuning/User Scales

Support for new ODDSound standards via MTS-ESP Suite (a system for dynamic microtuning in a DAW environment)

5. NEW Fully-Resizable Plugin GUI

Resizable, and Fully-Scalable User Interface 

6. NEW Intuitive MIDI Learn- Functionality

Assign MIDI Effortlessly To Any Control with Just A Click

Get the Generate Plug-in for just $99 thru June 1

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