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I fell in love with it the moment I tried it.

I fell in love with it the moment I tried it. Tverb reproduces [Visconti's] technique by supplying algorithms that realistically emulate the microphones, processors, and room he used in the original recording...The result is a stunningly realistic reverberation paired with a huge collection of presets designed for just about any situation.

Anderson-Ponty Band On Tour

Anderson-Ponty Band On Tour

The Anderson-Ponty band will begin a tour supporting their 2016 CD/DVD release "Better Late Than Never" on April 28th in Tuscon Arizona. The two music legends—and early Eventide adopters—Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty, along with their supporting band, will be performing new music along with classics with new arrangements.

A tribute to one of the biggest legends

To make a plugin that pays tribute to Mr. DAVID BOWIE and Tony Visconti at the same time shows once again that you have respect for the professionals in the audio industry and is a tribute to one of the biggest legends of the last 50 years who left us 30 years too soon unfortunately...You really deserve to be the best Audio company in the world.


I'm really enjoying the subscription service!

I'm really enjoying the subscription service! I already had Blackhole, the UltraChannel, and the UltraReverb. Now experimenting with the 2016 Stereo Room reverb and Omnipressor. Just unbelievable great sound! Thanks for offering that method of use!!

Dweezil Zappa checks out the H9 Max

Dweezil Zappa demonstrates the H9 Max in this in-depth video by Guitar Tricks. He'll guide you through all the different effects algorithms available in the H9. Hint, he's a big fan of the Spring reverb.


An overdrive/distortion command center with controls that drive your tone anywhere from a creamy saturation to a brutal sonic assault with everything in between.

Use Eventide Harmonizer® technology to crush some octaves into the mix, or turn up the Sag to bring the whole sound to its knees. An added bonus, CrushStation is a true stereo distortion.

EQ Compressor

The EQ Compressor algorithm is a multi-featured parametric equalizer coupled with a dynamic, intuitive compressor, offering a premium tone shaping tool for a variety of instrumentation.

The EQ section includes two completely parametric bands along with low shelf and high shelf filters for easy manipulation of your tone (be sure to check out the graphical EQ curve in H9 Control).


Resonator staggers 4 resonant comb filters to create ambient, arpeggiated, or reverberant sounds. Each comb filter can be tuned to ring out when you play the note selected by the respective "NOTE" knob. This creates dynamic effects that react with more or less intensity based on the harmonic content of the input audio.


UltraTap is a versatile multi-tap delay-line effect capable of a myriad of sounds from rhythmic delays, to wacky comb filtering, to huge pad-like volume swells, to unique reverbs, and everything in between.


DynaVerb couples an Eventide Eclipse reverb with a model of the Eventide Omnipressor® to create an adaptable dynamics reverb. The Omnipressor is capable of all types of dynamics processing from gating, expansion, compression, limiting and even its signature "dynamic reversal," where loud signals are squashed, but quiet signals are amplified. In DynaVerb, the Omnipressor can dynamically control the output of a reverberator based on, either the input signal for maximum control, the reverb output for incredible chaos, or any mixture of the two.