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Resonator staggers 4 resonant comb filters to create ambient, arpeggiated, or reverberant sounds. Each comb filter can be tuned to ring out when you play the note selected by the respective "NOTE" knob. This creates dynamic effects that react with more or less intensity based on the harmonic content of the input audio.


UltraTap is a versatile multi-tap delay-line effect capable of a myriad of sounds from rhythmic delays, to wacky comb filtering, to huge pad-like volume swells, to unique reverbs, and everything in between.


DynaVerb couples an Eventide Eclipse reverb with a model of the Eventide Omnipressor® to create an adaptable dynamics reverb. The Omnipressor is capable of all types of dynamics processing from gating, expansion, compression, limiting and even its signature "dynamic reversal," where loud signals are squashed, but quiet signals are amplified. In DynaVerb, the Omnipressor can dynamically control the output of a reverberator based on, either the input signal for maximum control, the reverb output for incredible chaos, or any mixture of the two.


TremoloVerb is a celestially large reverb cut back down to Earth size by an aggressive tremolo. Use the Sine, Triangle, Peak, Ramp or Square waves to create a rhythmic ambience; Random and Sample/Hold to create a convulsing cloud; Envelope or ADSR to control the reverb with your playing; or the Expression Pedal to control it with your foot.


While the H9 can produce many beautiful sounds, we recognize the universe is a chaotic and often violent place, so in the spirit of the yin and yang of it all, we included MangledVerb from the Eventide Eclipse.

Technically, MangledVerb feeds a non-standard stereo reverb into distortion, but sonically it can range from the light friction of a bow scraping a cello string to the mayhem of a caged beast being poked with a red hot flounder. Judicious use of the [WOBBLE] and [ODRIVE] is approved, and try small [SIZE] and short [DECAY] for some surprising sounds


Larger than the Hall or Room, BlackHole reverb is an Eventide H8000 classic capable of cathedral-type spaces to out-of-this-world soundscapes. This H9 edition of BlackHole has two decay modes (forward and inverse) and feedback around the entire reverb structure that extends the Blackhole sound from huge to infinite.

The standard [SIZE] and [GRVITY] sounds are epic, but try [PREDLY] and [FEEDBK] to take the algorithm to the next level. Try not to get sucked in.


Combines two different high quality studio reverbs (A and B) with independent controls for decay, size, pre-delay, and EQ. Control mix between the dual reverbs for rich, dense stereo reverberation, or use this effect to smoothly transition between two entirely different reverb sounds.


ModEchoVerb is based on a popular reverb structure from the Eventide H8000 that brought about such presets as "Echo Space of God" and "Glorious Flange Canyon." It feeds the output of an infinite reverb into an infinite feedback delay and slathers on an extra helping of modulation. The modulation choices are H3000-type swept verb, flanging, or chorusing.

ModEchoVerb is incredibly versatile and can be used as a standalone reverb, delay, chorus/flanger, or any combination of the three. Have fun.


We don’t have proof, but we're pretty sure this is what the guitars sound like in heaven. Set the [A-PCH] and [B-PCH] to just above and below 1200c, turn the [DELAY] all the way down, and everything else all the way up.

Oh, and remember to walk toward the light.

Reverse Reverb

A true reverse reverb followed by a forward reverb with delay and feedback. Set [SIZE] and Feedback [FEEDBK] at minimum for a straightforward tempo-sync-able rush-up reverse reverb, use [SIZE] to dial in a second reverb for increased wetness, and add [FEEDBK] around the whole thing for other-worldly ambiance.