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One H9 To Rule Them All

We are very proud of the H9 family of pedals and all the sonic magic that our users have created with our products. Since its introduction, ten world-class algorithms have been added to the original complement of forty-two. But, despite our best efforts, the H9 Max is now full and cannot accommodate any additional algorithms. We will continue to manufacture and ship the H9 Max with a total of 52 algorithms. 

In addition, due to supply chain disruptions and component shortages exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, we will no longer produce the standard H9 and H9 Core after March 31, 2021. At that time, we will release a new version of H9 Control and retire the algorithm store so it will no longer be possible to purchase individual algorithms for H9s and H9 Cores. We will, however, offer a special Max Out Upgrade promotion for H9 and H9 Core owners indefinitely for the foreseeable future.  Any purchased algorithms will count toward the upgrade.

Regardless of this announcement, we will continue to provide support for the H9, H9 Core and H9 Max. We value our customers and appreciate your understanding of this necessary evolution of this powerful product line which has become widely embraced by musicians throughout the world. Your creative journey continues to inspire us. 


1. Is the H9 Max being discontinued?

No. H9 Max will continue to be manufactured with 52 algorithms. However, we will not be adding new algorithms to this platform in the future. The H9 & H9 Core will no longer be produced after March 31, 2021. Any orders received by then will be fulfilled. 

2. I currently own an H9 / H9 Core. Will I be able to add existing algorithms in the future?

You may purchase individual algorithms normally through March 31, 2021. On April 1, 2021, however, we are removing the store from H9 Control. Eventide will continue to offer the discounted Max Out Upgrade offer for owners of H9 / H9 Core pedals. Upgrade cost (before any algorithm credits) is:

H9 Standard – $120 (or 5+ previously purchased algorithms)
H9 Core – $220 (or 10+ previously purchased algorithms)

3. Where do I purchase an H9 Max Out Upgrade for my H9 / H9 Core?

Please visit the H9 Max Out Upgrade Page to determine your price and purchase the upgrade.

4. I have already purchased a few algorithms for my H9 / H9 Core. Do I get a discount on the H9 Max Upgrade price?

Yes. Any purchased algorithms will count toward your upgrade.

5. I was thinking about getting an H9 Core to go with my H9 Max. Will I still be able to sync the algorithms on my Eventide account on a Core unit despite these changes?

Yes. Once you register your H9 / H9 Core to your account, you will be able to sync the algorithms from your Max pedal with your Core unit, even after the H9 / H9 Core’s are discontinued.

6. If I buy a used H9 / H9 Core, can I take advantage of the H9 Max Out Upgrade program?

Yes. As long as the pedal is registered under your Eventide account, you may take advantage of the new H9 Max Upgrade promotion.

7. I am thinking of selling my H9 Core and I never used the coupon for a free algorithm that came with it. Will the free download be available for a new owner?

No. After April 1, 2021, Customers whose pedal serial numbers were eligible for a free algorithm will no longer be able to take advantage of this promotion, as we are closing the H9 Control store for good.

8. How can I know for sure if a used H9 / H9 Core has not already been registered?

You may contact with the unit’s serial number to verify this is the case before buying.

9. If I purchase two used H9 Core units after March 31, 2021 and I upgrade one of them to an H9 Max, can I sync all of the algorithms to the other Core?

Yes, this capability still functions as normal. Once a pedal has been upgraded to an H9 Max, you can sync those algorithms for free to as many as 4 H9 / H9 Core pedals registered to the same Eventide account. Keep in mind that while you can transfer these algorithms to other H9 / H9 Core units on the same account, it does not mean those units’ serial numbers are recognized as H9 Max pedals, even though they contain all 52 algorithms after syncing them to your account.

10. Will you still offer support for H9 / H9 Core units?

Yes, nothing will change in this regard.

11. If I want to get a second H9 after March 31, 2021, do I have to purchase another H9 Max?

If you cannot find a new or used H9 / H9 Core on the market, then your only option will be to purchase an H9 Max.

12. Will H9 Control functionality change at all?

Other than removing the store from the app on April 1, 2021 all other functionality will remain the same. We understand users will no longer be able to sample or listen to algorithms, but audio examples, videos, and descriptions can be found on our website on the dedicated algorithms page.

Additional Details

  • If you have already purchased the required number of algorithms your upgrade is ready. To activate, go to H9 Control > Settings > Sync Algorithms on H9 with Server.
  • Free and pre-installed algorithms DO NOT count toward your upgrade total.

Transferability of Algorithms

When you MaxOut, the H9/H9 Core will remain an H9 Max forever. That means that if you sell your H9 Max, all the Max algorithms go along to the new owner. Any algorithms that you purchase with your Eventide account are yours forever.