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Introducing the OX9

Your Eventide H9 is one of the most advanced guitar pedals, utilizing only two buttons. Unleash its full potential with a new kind of auxiliary switch. Meet the OX9 – a handcrafted H9 auxiliary switch with a form-fitting design that gives you more control and takes up less space on your board. With the OX9 Aux Switch, you can control basically any function on the H9 – active/bypass, preset change, tap tempo, enable tuner, performance switch, parameter adjustments, bank up, and bank down. 


More Control

Don’t want your iPad or iPhone on stage? Use your feet (like we used to in the 20th century.)

The OX9’s two additional buttons let you unleash the full potential of your H9 with no hands)!

Less Space

The OX9 saves you a ton of pedalboard real estate versus other auxiliary switches.

Like a Glove

The OX9 has a laser-cut bottom plate, so it securely attaches to your H9 without hiding any of its sexy contours!

Hand Crafted

Every OX9 is assembled, tested, and packaged in Klecknersville, PA by these guys (mainly the guy in the middle).

Expression Pedal Compatible

The input jack on the OX9 allows you to add another button or an expression pedal. To get the most out of having two switches on the OX9, the right switch can be used as a HotSwitch or Flexswitch for the parameter the expression pedal is set to adjust. It engages the heel-position functionality momentarily, which opens up more creative possibilities such as instantaneous octave bends or momentarily long delays.

Low-Profile Plug

The OX9’s custom-designed and molded plug ensures you can still access every jack on the back of your H9.

Additional Accessory

Tesla Tap Tempo Switch

This one-button momentary switch (tap tempo) pedal with an image of Nikola Tesla can be programmed to do anything within the auxiliary program menu, such as engaging the tuner.

Artists Using OX9 H9 Aux Switch

Joe Andreoli
Jordi Martinez Guals
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