FL201 Instant Flanger - Eventide Audio

More Bounce to the Ounce

Modeled on the original hardware unit from 1976, the Instant Flanger plug-in simulates the happy accidents of flanging sounds originally produced by interfering with physical tape machines. Its phase-reversed and variable-delay outputs create a heavy stereo effect. With its simple controls, Instant Flanger allows you to instantly oscillate your tones and will add a new layer of movement to guitars, drums, and synths.

By pressing multiple front-panel “IN” buttons, Instant Flanger allows for multiple simultaneous control modes. Have the flange moving constantly with an LFO, while also spiked by the peaks from the envelope follower!


  • Recreation of one of the first hardware products to faithfully simulate tape flanging
  • Choose or combine modulation sources, including the LFO, or input signal (envelope follower), or manual sweep (which can be controlled by MIDI).
  • Use FEEDBACK to add output audio back into the input for interesting effects.
  • DEPTH DOPPLER allows you to add direct signal to the effected signal output.
  • Simple to operate with high-quality results

The emulation of old analog gear sometimes happens in fits and starts. The current version of the FL201 Instant Flanger plug-in is not yet available stand-alone because it falls short of capturing the distinct organic sonic quality of the hardware. Anthology XI owners and Ensemble subscribers will be able to update for free when a more closely authentic realization of the FL201 is released.

Instant Gratification

The Instant Flanger, released in 1976, was designed to simulate true tape flanging. As its time-delay circuit produced many more “nulls” and offered a much deeper flanging effect than anything previously available, it was widely used on many legendary recordings. If you’ve ever listened to Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” album, you’ve heard its legendary sound.

Artists Using FL201 Instant Flanger

John Agnello
Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.
Joe Berger
Jon Hammond Band, BCTD, Cymbalic Encounters
Jordi Martinez Guals