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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Author Description
DESTROY CrushStation H9 982 jeffschumacher
SHIMMERZZZZZZZZ (Timeline Ice) Shimmer H9, Space 980 metro6audio
SPACE ECHO 1 Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 958 entreat69 Here is "Space Echo 1" my first user patch to share with everyone here. It is based on the gorgeous... More...
PH-1r Phaser H9, ModFactor 850 davidkaeser Recreation of the Boss PH-1r pedal (Phaser)
CHURCH SPACE Blackhole H9, Space 834 reignstorm A gorgeous reverb wash for sparse chords or light picking. HEEL on the expression for normal... More...
ANOTHER BRICK 2 Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 807 willem
Analog Delay Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 794 nsanchez
DM-2w Delay Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 792 Imerkat This is based on the Boss Dm-2 used by Dave Keuning of The Killers in the song "When You Were Young... More...
Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead) DualVerb H9, Space 789 actioncamp Les Paul > H9 > Fender Twin Reverb Reverb B is darker and slightly ahead of A. On the record... More...
Pedal Steel H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 784 lordradish
WHITE ROOM Q-Wah H9, ModFactor 758 nsanchez
COME AS YOU ARE Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 739 metro6audio
DK BF2 Flanger H9, ModFactor 731 davidkaeser Recreation of the Boss BF-2 pedal (Flanger)
Oceans Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 723 metro6audio
DK CE2B Chorus H9, ModFactor 707 davidkaeser Recreation of the Boss CE-2B pedal (Chorus - Fromel mod)
Beautiful Exchange Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 699 metro6audio
Wah Pedal Q-Wah H9, ModFactor 695 nsanchez
O PRAISE THE NAME SpaceTime H9 677 metro6audio
Memory Guy Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 663 jblr
ORGANIZER H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 662 metro6audio
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