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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Authorsort descending Description
ShinyObjects Crystals H9, PitchFactor 189 lordradish
Spacemen 2 TremoloVerb H9, Space 164 Mattxxxx An alternative take on the classic Spacemen 3 overdriven Jen/Vox V809 Repeat Percussion sound.... More...
Spacemen V809 TremoloPan H9, ModFactor 175 Mattxxxx Attempt to get the overdrive and trem sound that defined some of the best of the Spacemen 3's... More...
Infinite Drone #1 PitchFuzz H9 216 Mattxxxx OK so this is more shoegazy droney stuff for those of us who used to zone out to "Head On... More...
Dirty Space Wah Sculpt H9 171 Mattxxxx Been playing with my Wahoo Sonuus (much recommended) and getting off on the nasty trebly resonant... More...
GLORIOUS RUIN ModEchoVerb H9, Space 163 metro6audio
ALWAYS WET Hall H9, Space 143 metro6audio
OUR GOD IS LOVE Resonator H9 545 metro6audio
SINKING DEEP Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 158 metro6audio
ON OUR SIDE Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 118 metro6audio
EXALTED ONE Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 154 metro6audio
DAMP Hall H9, Space 146 metro6audio
SHIMMERZZZZZZZZ Shimmer H9, Space 157 metro6audio
ONE THING REMAINS B TremoloPan H9, ModFactor 160 metro6audio
Amazing Grace Bass Chorus H9, ModFactor 159 metro6audio
TRUE LOVE Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 121 metro6audio
NO CHAINS ON ME Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 125 metro6audio
THIS IS LIVING Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 140 metro6audio
YOU MAKE ME BRAVE Mod Delay H9, TimeFactor 190 metro6audio
COME AS YOU ARE Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 365 metro6audio
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