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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Author Description
ONE THING REMAINS B TremoloPan H9, ModFactor 226 metro6audio
EXALTED ONE Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 224 metro6audio
MIANO Phaser H9, ModFactor 224 metro6audio
Bright Size Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 223 lordradish
RV-2 HALL Hall H9, Space 221 joshofsorts Modeled after a reverb setting from the Boss RV-2.
UNDERMOD 2 Mod Delay H9, TimeFactor 221 nsanchez
Ancient Words 2 Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 220 acsewalk
Contemplate Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 218 lordradish
CLOSER Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 217 metro6audio
DAMP Hall H9, Space 217 metro6audio
ONE THING REMAINS A Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 217 metro6audio
THE LOST ARE FOUND Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 217 metro6audio
3 Times Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 215 lordradish
BLESS YOUR NAME Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 215 metro6audio
Bit O' Sun Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 214 lordradish
RULE WORLD Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 214 rck
Fabvmed Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 213 nsanchez
BrtSzBass Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 211 lordradish
GIVE ME FAITH Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 211 metro6audio
Glorious Day 2 Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 210 cudbear2018
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