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An overdrive/distortion command center with controls that drive your tone anywhere from a creamy saturation to a brutal sonic assault with everything in between.

Use Eventide Harmonizer® technology to crush some octaves into the mix, or turn up the Sag to bring the whole sound to its knees. An added bonus, CrushStation is a true stereo distortion.

Price: $19.99 for H9 and H9 Core; Free for H9 Max Owners


  • Bisque
  • Fra Diavolo
  • Sag Harbor
  • Bottom Feeder
  • Jumbo Shrimp
  • Scuttle Butter
  • PunkRock Lobster
  • Steamed in Beer
  • Crawdaddy
  • Decapod Muff

H9 Control View - Click (+) for more info

CrushStation Algorithm Controls
Mix [MIX]
The clean/dirty mix, all the way left is clean, all the way right is dirty.
Drive [DRIVE]
The overdrive amount. Ranges from subtle boost/overdrive to full on distortion with Grit and Sustain controls pushing it into fuzz territory.
Compressor/Sustainer [SSTAIN]
Compression/Sustain which is Pre (turn left) distortion, or Post (turn Right) distortion. The sustainer is specially designed to vary the numerous parameters of a typical compressor such as the ratio, attack, release, and the makeup gain to keep the overall loudness consistent.
Sag [SAG]
Turn it up to get increasingly sputtery, crushed, and broken sounds. Inspired by power rail sag of poorly designed tube amps and the dead and dying gear of times past.
Octaves [OCTAVE]
Mixes in/out lower and higher pitch-shifted octaves before the distortion and compression.
Grit [GRIT]
Adds more low end before the distortion for a gritty chugging sound.
Bass [BASS]
Cut and boost of the lower frequencies to hollow out the sound or add some thud.
Mids [MIDS]
Cut and boost of the mid range frequencies (frequency selectable with [MIDFRQ] control) to scoop some muddiness or punch through a mix.
Mids Frequency [MIDFRQ]
Tunable center frequency of the [MIDS] cut/boost. Similar to a parked wah when boosted up high. Smoothly changes when connected to an expression pedal.
Treble [TREBLE]
Cut and Boost of the higher frequencies to mellow out the sound or emphasize higher harmonics.
Output Level
At 0 the output level is unaffected. Increase the output level of the effect by up to 20 dB or lower by 30 dB.
Gate On / Gate Off
Toggles the noise gate.
Turn effect on or off..
The Middle Footswitch can be programmed to act on the loaded Preset as a programmable controller allowing the user to switch between the normal Preset parameter values and a programmed, alternate set of parameter values. It’s like having two Presets in one.
If Tempo is ON, the display indicates the current tempo in BPM (30 to 500 BPM) while tapping and the Tap LED will blink at the BPM rate. If Tempo is OFF, the display indicates the parameter value (milliseconds for most algorithms).