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The MassivePack collection of plug-ins was available for ProTools HD/TDM users.


The following chart details which plug-ins were available with various versions of MassivePack.

MassivePack 2 & 3 (MP2 / MP3) H949
MassivePack 4 (MP4)

H3000 Factory


MassivePack 5 (MP5)

H3000 Band Delays


MassivePack 6 (MP6) H3000 Factory
MassivePack 7 (MP7) Omnipressor



The MassivePack plug-ins are compatible with TDM ProTools systems only on the following platforms.

  • Intel Mac (ProTools 8.x)
  • PPC Mac (ProTools 6.x & 7.x)
  • Win XP (ProTools 8.x & 7.x)
  • Mac OS 9 (ProTools 5.x): Partial Support
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