Anthology X

Anthology XI has replaced Anthology X

The Future of Sound…The First 40 Years

Anthology X is comprised of seventeen mixing, mastering and multi-effect plug-ins based on over 45 years of Eventide's iconic studio gear like the H910 Harmonizer®, H949, H3000 and Omnipressor®. It also includes future classics like UltraChannel, UltraReverb, Quadravox and Octavox that will help you solve problems and inspire new creative possibilities. Anthology X is a true must-have for any size studio.

  • Eventide Anthology X Plugin Bundle for AAX, VST and AU


Audio Tools that Give You the Professional Edge

Anthology X features the best of the past and future.

  • Clockworks Legacy bundle - H910 Harmonizer, H910 Dual, H949, H949 Dual Omnipressor, Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger.
  • From the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer — Factory and Band Delays offer unique creative possibilities that can be used to breathe life into any instrument or vocals.
  • For mixing and mastering —  UltraChannel, EChannel, and faithful reproductions of precision EQs (EQ65 Filter Set and EQ45 Parametric Equalizer) can be used to surgically sculpt any track.
  • Next generation effects — UltraReverb, Octavox and Quadravox offer more creative possibilities than ever before.


A Sonic Arsenal of Eventide's Best Effects

  • H3000 Factory - The H3000 Factory combines the pitch, delay, modulation and filtering that made the original H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer a studio legend.
  • H910 - A recreation of the world’s first Harmonizer. Change pitch, double-track or use Anti-Feedback for a slight pitch modulation.
  • H910 Dual - Two H910s cunningly ganged together to create stunning stereo effects.
  • UltraReverb - Extremely versatile reverb with 9 different algorithms including Room, Plate, Halls and Ambience.
  • UltraChannel - The ultimate channel strip with re-orderable gate, compressor, O-Pressor (from Omnipressor), 5-band parametric EQ, Micro Pitch Shift and stereo delays.
  • Octavox - An inspiring compositional effect that has 8 voices of diatonic pitch shifting to create beautiful harmonies and sequences.
  • Quadravox - A 4-channel, lower CPU footprint version of Octavox featured 4 voices of diatonic pitch-shifting.
  • H3000 Band Delays - 8 voices, each of which can be altered by frequency, resonance, filter type, delay time, volume and panning.
  • H949 - Multi-Effects Harmonizer with deglitching and longer, randomized and reversed delays.
  • H949 Dual - Two independent units with cross feedback and stereo width controls for amazing stereo effects.
  • EChannel - Light-weight version of UltraChannel using fewer CPU cycles featuring compression and parametric EQ.
  • Omnipressor® - Based on the classic 1971 combination compressor, expander, limiter and dynamic reverser.
  • Instant Phaser - Simulation of the world’s first phaser, a single-function analog processor featuring a sweeping filter bank.
  • Instant Flanger - Recreation of one of the first hardware products to faithfully simulate tape flanging.
  • EQ45 - Circuit model of the Urei 545 parametric EQ.
  • EQ65 - Circuit model of the Urei 565 filter set.
  • Precision Time Align - High precision, sub sample delay that can slide a track forward or backwards in time to align signals.

Artists Using Anthology X

Andre Kelman
Beastie Boys, Phoenix, Gogol Bordello, Cat Power
Anthony Baldino
Interstellar, Ex-Machina, Avengers: Infinity War, Venom
Glenn Rosenstein
Madonna, U2, Ziggy Marley, Whitney Woerz
Jean Luc Ponty
Jon Anderson, Allan Holdsworth, Bela Fleck
Joe Chiccarelli
U2, Elton John
John Agnello
Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.
Khaliq Glover
Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake, Herbie Hancock
Richard Devine
Schematic Records
Rik Simpson
Coldplay, Jay-Z
Robin Finck
Nine Inch Nails, Guns N' Roses
Stewart Lerman
Patti Smith, St. Vincent, Boardwalk Empire
Suzanne Ciani
Tony Visconti
Bowie, T. Rex
Vance Powell
Jack White, Sputnik Sound
Alex Solano
Pulsating Waves, Plugin Connection
Buda & Grandz
Wyclef, Dave East, Meek Mill, G-Unit, The Lox

Anthology X Awards


Eventide helped to define the sound of many of the effects we take for granted nowadays, and this bundle can bring all of that mojo to your mixes as well. —Joe Albano
Joe Albano
Ask Audio
Omnipressor is a compressor and expander/gate dynamics plug-in that goes about the business of compression in a very aggressive and shouty way. If you are looking for a subtle transparent compression then look somewhere else, if you want a compressor with bags of pump, depth and character then look no further.
Dan Cooper
Pro Tools Expert
...An emulation of a classic creative effect wrapped up with all the convenience of a modern plugin it’s outstanding, working brilliantly on monophonic synths, guitar, piano, drums and pretty much anything else.
Dave Clews
Attack Magazine
How can you not be excited to see every delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, EQ, limiter, expander, and sound design tool you ever lusted for in one collection?...Anthology X is a collection of sonic masterpieces and studio staples that span decades.
James Linton
Eventide’s Anthology started out as a set of plug-ins for Pro Tools TDM. Now, as with most of Eventide’s plug-in fare, it is available natively in VST, AU, and AAX Native for all of the popular Windows and macOS DAWs. Renamed Anthology X, this amazing plug-in bundle puts 40+ years of Eventide processors and effects into one package. 
Paul Vnuk Jr
Recording Magazine
[Omnipressor] is the most twisted, aggressive, nasty, and yes, seductively versatile dynamics control device I've used...The Bass Cut switch is way cool for kick drum fans, as it attenuates bass frequencies going to the compression control circuit.
Craig Anderton
Harmony Central
My favorite application for Octavox is on the lead vocal track, as it can quickly change a mono vocal into a massive stereo vocal...a lackluster mono vocal will begin to seep into the outer bounds of the stereo field, inducing a three dimensional-like quality.
I thought it would be interesting to compare the plug-ins to the hardware they emulate. To be honest, I was not expecting them to be that close in sound, but I was in for a surprise...I was kind of blown away at how alike they sounded after trying several different settings on each processor.
John Baccigaluppi
Tape Op
UltraChannel is a great channel strip with some bonus features not found on other strips. It is easy to use…it comes with allot of presets which sound awesome from the get go and  offer up a great starting point to shape your sound just the way you like it.
Producer Spot
...this module's main strength is that it combines unusually full-featured versions of processors in a single plug-in. While not heavy on the CPU it's not light either, so it's probably not something you'd want to put on every channel. But for tracks where you plan to use a number of processing modules, like vocals and drums, the UltraChannel makes the tweaking process simple.
Craig Anderton
Harmony Central
The H3000 Band Delays is what the title implies... it causes bands not to show up on time.
Craig Anderton
Harmony Central
Superb sounding with enormous sonic possibilities. Well-rounded and diversified, with useful mixing tools besides the legendary effects...H3000 Factory and UltraReverb are two of the coolest effect plugins ever made!
Diogo Borges
It delivered the crème de le crème of delay, pitch and almost anything related to special, time and pitch-based effects...Prepare to be wowed and humbled by this stellar, spot-on, virtual re-creation of the vintage hardware.
James Linton
Music Players
UltraChannel is more than just your average channel strip. It also features Eventide's signature delay and modulation effects, and is almost like an entire effects collection in a single plug-in.  
Mike Levine
 It faithfully recreates the original’s features while adding such software advantages as the ability to store your patches with your session, instantly sync any parameter to tempo, and automate all buttons and sliders.
Joe Gore
...You’ll be amply rewarded with sounds that transcend the ordinary.
Michael Cooper
Electronic Musician

Customer Testimonials

Anthology X sounds much better than my old TDM system. I want to thank you so much for the wonderful present... it came just in time as we are starting our work on mixing. Please pass on my appreciation to the entire team who worked on the Anthology X platform... it's better than ever.
—Alex Campbell
I'm enjoying Octavox immensely. The plugin is in my opinion genius and it's an inspiration builder when looking into creating melodies. 

Platform Compatibility

Windows 8+AAX 32/64-bit, VST2 32/64-bit, VST3 32/64-bit
macOS 10.9+AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit
An iLok account is required, but no physical dongle is necessary. Create a free account here.
We test our desktop plugins in Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Studio One. However, our plugins should work with any compatible host- we recommend you download a 30-day demo here to check before buying.
New 32-bit macOS installers are no longer being made for this product.
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