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Many of the plug-ins that you need, the bread and butter ones, come bundled with your D.A.W. But to define your own sound, you’ll want more. The fundamental question is, how can you make your productions stand out from the crowd? Eventide Ensemble is the answer.

Eventide plug-ins give you the ability to make your recordings evoke the sonic landscape of classic albums AND to open the doors to the creation of new sounds never heard before. Our legacy plugins recreate the sounds that defined classic recordings by famed producers, engineers, and artists like Dave Pensado, George Massenburg, Tony Visconti, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen, and many more.

Since 1971 Eventide has been at the forefront of recording technology. Our first products, the Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger, were ground-breaking. You can hear these early Eventide effects on Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and on David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” and on hundreds of other classic recordings. In 1976, we started the digital audio revolution with the world’s first digital effects box, the H910 Harmonizer - a piece of gear which is still used on countless records to this day. Through the ‘80’s and into the 90’s the H3000 Harmonizer was found in the racks of nearly every major recording studio in the world. Eventide’s Ensemble includes emulations of these legendary boxes plus classic EQs, compressors, dynamics processors, delays, reverbs, and pitch changers used by the best in the business.



Eventide Effects Have been used in virtually every hit record for over 40 years

Eventide plug-ins sound exactly like the original hardware

And, when we say that our our plug-ins are faithful recreations, we mean it. To truly experience the unique sound of classic gear, the plug-ins need to be painstakingly designed to faithfully emulate the nuances of the primitive analog and digital circuitry. When Eventide recreates a classic piece of gear, it is one of our own. These plug-ins are not emulations created by third parties. 

Ensemble is not your normal plug-in bundle

Our legacy plug-ins recreate the sounds that defined hit records, but that’s just a starting point. Ensemble is packed with new, award-winning effects. Plug-ins like Blackhole, UltraReverb, Octavox and UltraChannel – unique tools not found anywhere else that open the doors to the creation of new sounds never heard before.

20 years ago, you would need a million-dollar studio, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear to get that unique sound. With the Eventide’s Ensemble plug-in subscription you get the award-winning effects heard on countless hit records now available in a plugin bundle that you can afford. 

Over 3400 presets to get you started

These presets were carefully crafted to unleash your creativity. Many of our presets were created by the industry’s most successful engineers and producers.

  • Dave Pensado
  • George Massenburg
  • Joe Chiccarelli
  • Tony Visconti
  • Flood & Alan Moulder
  • Andrew Scheps
  • John Agnello
  • Brian Montgomery
  • Richard X
  • Oliver Momm
  • Damian Taylor
  • Dave Darlington
  • Kerry Leva
  • Scott Gershin
  • Chris Zane
  • Colin Newman
  • Jonsi & Alex from Sigur Ros
  • Alessandro Cortini
  • Richard Devine
  • Vernon Reid
  • Matt Lange
  • Sasha
  • Sebastian Arocha-Morton
  • Chris Carter

While you can always purchase our plug-ins to own them outright, the Ensemble plug-in subscription package gives you every plug-in we have for less than a dollar a day. You won’t have to worry about updated versions because all software updates are free. And as we release new ground-breaking plug-ins, such as Tony Visconti’s David Bowie inspired Tverb, these will be added to your subscription for free.


Plug-ins On Demand

The Eventide Ensemble is a subscription-only package that contains a complete collection of every Eventide plug-in. There’s a reason why the pros have used our gear for over 40 years. Just ask them about Eventide and you’ll hear words like “iconic”, “game-changer”, and “nothing sounds quite like it”.

Now you too can use the same tools to help you create audio professional sounding tracks, at a fraction of the price. Tools that will inspire you to find your own signature sound. Having a current subscription ensures that you will have access to any new plug-ins Eventide releases in the future. It provides the option to use Eventide’s award-winning effects without the up-front cost. Whether you buy Eventide plug-ins or subscribe to Ensemble, Eventide offers support to all customers.


Ensemble Monthly Subscription

Get ultimate freedom with the Ensemble Monthly Subscription plug-in bundle. Whether you’re a touring musician, or a student on a budget, you can own the legendary Eventide sound when you need it. The monthly bundle also includes any new plug-ins we release in the future.

These are all the tools you need to produce, mix, and master your next record for less than a tank of gas. With the monthly plan, you can start or pause your subscription at any time. Going on tour for 6 months? No problem. Just cancel your subscription and turn it back on when you return.

The Ensemble Monthly subscription is $29.99

Get Monthly Subscription


Ensemble Annual Subscription

We know the plug-in market is saturated and that its difficult to choose where to spend your hard-earned cash. With the Ensemble Annual Subscription plug-in bundle, you own the legendary sound of Eventide gear plus Eventide’s latest and greatest hits all for the cost of less than one plugin!  All the tools you need to produce, mix, and master your next record. And, you’ll be with us as we take the next step in sound modification. Our developers are focused on new technology and dedicated to opening new vistas in sound. Our future plugins will be added to your Ensemble bundle at no additional cost.

Best of all, paying for the annual bundle is like getting two months for free!

The Ensemble Annual subscription is $299.


Already Own Eventide Plug-ins?

No problem. Get 1 month free for every Eventide plug-in you already own, up to 6 months. Subscription will begin after your free trial ends.

Example: If you own Blackhole and UltraChannel, you will receive 2 free months of the Ensemble Monthly Subscription.

Note: In order to receive you your free months make sure your Gobbler account is linked to the iLok account which contains your Eventide licenses.

Start Free Subscription

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Eventide Plug-in Awards

H3000 Factory Ultra Harmonizer Multi FX Plug-in

H3000 Factory

The H3000 Factory combines the pitch, delay, modulation and filtering that made the original H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer a studio legend.

  Blackhole Extraterrestrial reverb


Extraterrestrial reverb capable of space-warping special effects and drones, as well as musical and subtle effects for highlighting instruments.

UltraReverb Reverb Plug-in


Extremely versatile reverb with 9 different algorithms including Room, Plate, Halls and Ambience.

  2016 Stereo Room Reverb Plug-in

2016 Stereo Room

Essential parametric reverb from the Eventide SP2016 that naturally simulates a lush acoustic space with a unique position control.

UltraChannel channel strip with compression micro pitch shifting and delay


The ultimate channel strip with re-orderable gate, compressor, O-Pressor (from Omnipressor), 5-band parametric EQ, Micro Pitch Shift and stereo delays.

  Octavox 8 Voice Diatonic Pitch Shifting with MIDI


An inspiring compositional effect that has 8 voices of diatonic pitch shifting to create beautiful harmonies and sequences.

H910 Worlds first Studio FX Effects Harmonizer pluign


A recreation of the world’s first Harmonizer®. Change pitch, double-track or use Anti-Feedback for a slight pitch modulation.

  H949 Harmonizer Plug-in


Multi-Effects Harmonizer with deglitching and longer, randomized and reversed delays.

H910 Dual Harmonizer Plug-in

H910 Dual

Two H910s cunningly ganged together to create stunning stereo effects.

  H949 Dual Harmonizer Plug-in

H949 Dual

Two independent units with cross feedback and stereo width controls for amazing stereo effects.

H3000 Band Delays Harmonizer Plug-in

H3000 Band Delays

8 voices, each of which can be altered by frequency, resonance, filter type, delay time, volume and panning.

  Omnipressor compression Plug-in


Based on the classic 1971 combination compressor, expander, limiter and dynamic reverser.

Quadravox 4 voice Plug-in


A 4-channel, lower CPU footprint version of Octavox featured 4 voices of diatonic pitch-shifting.

  EChannel Channel Strip lite


Light-weight version of UltraChannel using fewer CPU cycles featuring compression and parametric EQ.

Instant Phaser Plug-in

Instant Phaser

Simulation of the world’s first phaser, a single-function analog processor featuring a sweeping filter bank.

  Instant Flanger Tape flanger Plug-in

Instant Flanger

Recreation of one of the first hardware products to faithfully simulate tape flanging.

EQ 45 parametric Plug-in


Circuit model of the Urei 545 parametric EQ.

  EQ65 Eventide Plug-in Parametric EQ


Circuit model of the Urei 565 filter set.

Precision Time Align Plug-in

Precision Time Align

High precision, sub sample delay that can slide a track forward or backwards in time to align signals.



A faithful recreation of Tony Visconti's three microphone technique used with Bowie on "Heroes" at Hansa Studios, Berlin.


How does it work?

Eventide Ensemble subscriptions are managed by Gobbler, a reliable musician’s resource. All billing, notification of plug-in updates and additions, and plug-in downloads will occur through the Gobbler app.

  • If you don’t have a Gobbler account you’ll be able to set one up as part of the subscription process. 
  • As part of the sign-up process, you will have to link your iLok and Gobbler account. This is also part of the subscription process.
  • After payment is received you will receive instructions on how to download, install and authorize your plug-ins. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please check out the FAQ or contact support

Artists Using Ensemble Plug-in Subscriptions

Glenn Rosenstein
Madonna, U2, Ziggy Marley, Whitney Woerz


Eventide’s Ensemble bundle excels in delivering next-gen effects and unique tones that are hard to find elsewhere.  
Jacob Roach
Omnipressor is a compressor and expander/gate dynamics plug-in that goes about the business of compression in a very aggressive and shouty way. If you are looking for a subtle transparent compression then look somewhere else, if you want a compressor with bags of pump, depth and character then look no further.
Dan Cooper
Pro Tools Expert
...An emulation of a classic creative effect wrapped up with all the convenience of a modern plugin it’s outstanding, working brilliantly on monophonic synths, guitar, piano, drums and pretty much anything else.
Attack Magazine
Tverb offers one of the very best sounding acoustic spaces I’ve ever heard on a plug-in, with a natural and detailed room sound that blends very nicely with the source.
Diogo C. Borges
Reverb as an instrument unto itself might seem far-fetched, but Blackhole fetches far further than your average reverb unit...The sound quality is simply outstanding, all the essential features are there, and it invites a degree of painless creativity that standard reverb units just can't match. 
Noah Pred
Ask Audio
From cavernous depths to huge spaces or otherworldly soundscapes this plugin will take you there in no time and would probably work a treat on a dubstep snare too...and coming from Eventide you know it’s got to sound good and it does for sure on most anything you slap it on be it drum
 The look and feel of Stereo Room 2016 is kind of retro but is easy to view and control which is good. As for the sound Stereo Room 2016 does a great job a recreating the 80’s style reverb algorithm from the hardware unit and sounds really natural.
Producer Spot
You'll love the way the 2016 encourages you to blend scale and proximity to create space that doesn't swallow up the sound. Boosting the Low EQ can turbocharge the decay and, as long as you keep the levels in check, the tail is wonderfully smooth. 
Computer Music
It breaks away from the plate-room-hall-chamber paradigm and brings a single algorithm geared towards making reverbs as big as the cosmos...Blackhole is simply a joy to use.
Diogo Borges
[Omnipressor] is the most twisted, aggressive, nasty, and yes, seductively versatile dynamics control device I've used...The Bass Cut switch is way cool for kick drum fans, as it attenuates bass frequencies going to the compression control circuit.
Craig Anderton
Harmony Central
My favorite application for Octavox is on the lead vocal track, as it can quickly change a mono vocal into a massive stereo vocal...a lackluster mono vocal will begin to seep into the outer bounds of the stereo field, inducing a three dimensional-like quality.
I thought it would be interesting to compare the plug-ins to the hardware they emulate. To be honest, I was not expecting them to be that close in sound, but I was in for a surprise...I was kind of blown away at how alike they sounded after trying several different settings on each processor.
John Baccigaluppi
Tape Op
UltraChannel is a great channel strip with some bonus features not found on other strips. It is easy to use…it comes with allot of presets which sound awesome from the get go and  offer up a great starting point to shape your sound just the way you like it.
Producer Spot
The H3000 Band Delays is what the title implies... it causes bands not to show up on time.
Craig Anderton
Harmony Central
It truly evokes the sound of high-end expensive reverb units of the 1980s through today...
Paul Vnuk Jr
Recording Magazine
 It faithfully recreates the original’s features while adding such software advantages as the ability to store your patches with your session, instantly sync any parameter to tempo, and automate all buttons and sliders.
Joe Gore
...You’ll be amply rewarded with sounds that transcend the ordinary.
Michael Cooper
Electronic Musician

Customer Testimonials

I'm really enjoying the subscription service! I already had Blackhole, the UltraChannel, and the UltraReverb. Now experimenting with the 2016 Stereo Room reverb and Omnipressor. Just unbelievable great sound! Thanks for offering that method of use!!
—Facebook user, C. Vurnis
I'm enjoying Octavox immensely. The plugin is in my opinion genius and it's an inspiration builder when looking into creating melodies. 



Platform Compatibility

Microsoft Windows 7+ and Apple OS X 10.7+; Gobbler Client.

DAW Compatibility

Software Plug-in Format
Pro Tools 10 + AAX Native
Cubase 7+ VST
Nuendo VST
Wavelab VST
Logic 8+ AU
Ableton Live 7+ AU, VST
Studio One AU, VST
Digital Performer AU
Reaper VST
GarageBand AU

Have it All -- Eventide Ensemble Plug-in Subscription

Have it All -- Eventide Ensemble Plug-in Subscription

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