VSig is a cross-platform visual editor that enables the creation of custom algorithms for the H9000. With VSig, signal processing modules ranging from simple mixers to diatonic pitch shifters may be connected together, allowing for a wide range of audio effects to be designed. VSig also allows you to retrieve H8000 algorithms from the H9000, giving you the ability to view and tweak their inner workings.
VSig 3 is only available for H9000 or H9000R owners, and will only be visible on the H9000 installers page. (Requires H9000 registration)
  • Eventide H9000 VSIG Algorithm Editor/Creator software
  • Eventide H9000 VSIG Algorithm Editor/Creator software


VSig is the main tool we use here at Eventide to create the useful (and sometimes exotic) algorithms for the H9000. We have no monopoly on creativity! We present this tool, free of charge, to our user community in the hope that it will give free rein to your sonic imagination. 


System requirements:

  • MacOS 10.11+
  • Windows 10+
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