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Eventide Device Manager (EDM)

Software Manager for Eventide effects pedals and EuroDDL

The Eventide Device Manager (EDM) is a software application that replaces the Direct Updater. It provides setting and preset management for products not supported by H9 Control. EDM can also be used to perform firmware updates on the TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, Space and EuroDDL Eurorack module.

Download for Mac

Download for PC

Using EDM with Rose & dot9 Pedals

Unlocking the full potential of Rose and dot9 pedals (Blackhole, MicroPitch Delay, UltraTap) is easy with EDM. Connect the pedals via the USB (mini-B) port to your computer for direct access to all functionality. EDM software allows users to control every parameter in a digital realm: Install software updates, create and manage presets, set up MIDI, and backup/restore the device. Effortlessly make changes to the pedals by auditioning and experimenting with different sounds directly from the software. 



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