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SplitEQ Testimonials

Here’s what the pros are saying
about the SplitEQ plug-in

“SplitEQ is a radical new tool.

I’ve been using it to transparently correct problems or creatively warp tones on every mix since I got it. Eventide have taken Equalization to an atomic level.”

John O’Mahony
Producer, Mixer (Coldplay, Sara Bareilles)

“Not Just Another Plug-in.

It’s a new approach to equalization. Transient control is a huge part of mixing, and being able to manipulate that with an EQ adds a new dimension. Split EQ is a step forward in surgical precision with a ton of artistic potential as well.”

Paul “Willie Green” Womack
Engineer/Producer (Wiz Khalifa, The Alchemist, The Roots)

“EQ becomes truly dynamic.

SplitEQ allows endless possibilities to the shaping of any audio signal. I wouldn’t work without it.”

Jack Joseph Puig
Engineer/Producer (Green Day, Lady Gaga, John Mayer)

“I love what it does on vocals.

Both in terms of giving them air and openness, but it’s easy to reduce harshness or sibilants as well. Really well thought out.”

Joe Chiccarelli
Producer, Engineer (U2, Beck, The Killers)

“I am using it 5-6 times a mix.

Eventide has had many gamechangers since the 910 Harmonizer®. SplitEQ is truly following in the same path, a must have audio tool. I encourage you to try the demo. Heck, just go buy it!”

Dave Pensado
Mix Engineer (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé)

“I wish I could go back…

and use this on every mix I’ve ever done! I’m able to rescue just about any problematic recording. On top of that, I’ve been creating some wild new sounds and I’m able to tonally shape recordings in a way I never thought possible. SplitEQ is the ultimate problem solver!”

Erin Tonkon
Musician, Producer, Mixer, Engineer (David Bowie, Richard Hell, Esperanza Spalding)

“SplitEQ has unique abilities that nothing else does.

A new tool that has enabled me to very quickly adjust transient/tonal elements in a sound, a gamechanger.”

Roy Hendrickson
Recording Engineer, Mixer, Producer (Empire of the Sun, Miles Davis, Paul McCartney)

“This EQ is awesome.

Being able to separate the Transient vs. the Tonal elements make corrections so easy…to change the attack and or the sustain on sounds, instruments and whole mixes makes this an invaluable tool for just about any audio professional.”

Rod O’Brien
Engineer, Sound Designer (Grace & Frankie, Eastbound & Down)

“Why did we have to wait so long?

From fixing unwanted artifacts to fabricating wholly new sounds, the ability to process transients one way and tonal elements another way is a mind-blowing gamechanger.”

Alex Case
FX Author, Educator, Explorer

“A revolutionary product.

I absolutely love it. As a composer and percussionist, being able to manipulate the transient and tonal elements of my various percussion instruments is empowering. For example, I love being able to increase the high end transient attack of my shakers while also simultaneously cutting the high end of any tonal characteristics that may be present. In short, the tonal shaping possibilities with SplitEQ are near endless. The plugin is an EQ swiss army knife. It works well as both a mix tool and a sound design tool. I look forward to digging into using more on my next project. Thanks Eventide!”

Germaine Franco
Composer, Producer, Songwriter (Encanto, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Tag, Little, Coco)

“Problem Solver/Magic Creator!

The plugin is great! Using it a lot during mastering, really a problem solver/magic creator! I really thought that there wasn’t anything to improve when it comes to EQ’s, but SplitEQ really gives us access to a new dimension.”

Wytse Gerichhausen
Music Producer, Mix Engineer (White Sea Studio)

“An innovative brilliant creation.

SplitEQ is an incredibly useful tool for anyone working in film and electronic music. This tool combines what I love about Dynamic EQ, Transient Designers and high-end Passive EQs seamlessly.”

Sebastian Arocha Morton
Film Composer, Engineer (Iron Man 2, Mr. Robot, Young Sheldon)

“My Go-To for Surgical EQing.

Being able to see the transient separate from the tonal really makes it easy to spot frequencies I want to cut. My favorite thing to do is reshape drums and remove plosives, replacing a multiband compressor for me.” 

Christopher “Czar” Smith
Mix Engineer

“Precision of a Surgeon…

Without any of the risks of an old-time animal circus act, in less than a minute, SplitEQ very successfully tamed vocals in a mix for me, offering depth and clarity, yet letting them still roam free. And without attending medical college I can adjust both transients and tonal material.”

Robin Rimbaud aka. Scanner
Music Composer, Music Producer, Experimental Artist

“Nothing Like This Exists Yet…

It takes me at least three plugins to achieve what SplitEQ is doing!”

Ryland Blackinton
Guitarist, Music Producer (Cobra Starship)

“It’s Magical…

A tool that rethinks how we EQ and shape sounds. An EQ that allows us to change the tone of a sound across time, rather than a static adjustment.”

Joel Hamilton
Producer, Engineer (Highly Suspect, Tom Waits, The Black Keys)

“Percussion Secret Weapon.

Whether I’m using it surgically or creatively, SplitEQ’s signature is incomparable to anything else.”

Matt Lange
Producer, Composer, Sound Designer

“I love the way I can dissect vocals.

Cutting the transients in the 3k area with the tonal still there, is an amazing way of getting rid of what I hate while keeping what I love.” 

Matty Harris
Mixing & Mastering Engineer (Kelly Clarkson, A$AP Rocky)

“A Really Great Tool…

Especially to fix issues with recording. I loaded some old 8 tracks demos that I had happened to transfer a couple of weeks ago, with very rough and big resonance on transient snares, and was able to instantly fix most of them just with one tool – also, love the mid side on each band.”

JC Concato
(Creative Director – Point Blank Music School)

“One of the Most Original EQ Design Concepts That I’ve Seen in Years.

The amount of control that SplitEQ provides is mind-blowing. Being able to EQ transients and tonal elements separately is a gamechanger. It provides a level of surgical processing that many other EQs can only dream of.”

Charles Hoffman
(Black Ghost Audio)

“SplitEQ is really useful.

Like most Eventide stuff, it’s absolutely brilliant but even leaving all of that under-the-hood cleverness aside, it’s just an exceptional EQ.”

Bill Wittman
Producer, Engineer (Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, The Outfield)

“SplitEQ is my new go-to.

First, it sounds great as an EQ. Then there’s the transient/tone revolution that’s blowing my mind. It’s the swiss army knife of equalizers, Eventide has done it again!”

Stewart Lerman
Music Producer, Recording Engineer (Patti Smith, David Byrne, St. Vincent)

“SplitEQ is remarkable!

Its sonic sleight of hand that can remove harsh attacks without sacrificing top-end and can add body to the sustain of an instrument without adding extraneous mud. With Split EQ, I can now sculpt a sound is that much closer to the one I have in my head.”

Jacob Shea
Composer (Planet Earth II, Through the Wormhole, Gears of War: Judgement)

“Mix and Sound Design Gold.

Whoa – an honest-to-goodness innovation in EQ! This helps play with the transient and the rest separately, not to mention the sick m/s integration.”

Tim K
Film Composer, Music Producer, Keyboardist (I am Michale, King Cobra)

“SplitEQ Is Out of This World!

You can really get crazy with bringing out those transients you need to sustain an amazing mix.” 

Albert “Lamont Sincere” Brown
Producer, Mix Engineer (Motown Records, Cam Wallace, Wiz Khalifa)

“I Love SplitEQ!

Much like my favorite hot sauce, I’m gonna use this sh*t on everything.”

John Agnello
Producer, Engineer (Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth)

“A new way of shaping sound.

This isn’t just an EQ… it helps create textures around my tracks.” 

ill Factor
(Beat Academy)

“I expect SplitEQ to be part of all my future projects permanently.

In a sea of VST emulations of analog gear, Eventide managed to pull something revolutionary in the world of software plugins. Transient / Tonal processing might well become as essential as Mid/Side processing in the future of audio engineering.”

DJ Zardonic
DJ, Producer, Sound Designer (Bullet For My Valentine, All Elite Wrestling, Superhot Team)

“Eventide Crushes It Again!

I haven’t scratched the surface of what this can do, but it is clearly going to be my new go-to equalizer. F**k, I love these guys/gals.” 

Chris Allen 
Mix Engineer (Sear Sound, Yoko Ono, Paul Simon)

“Seriously it’s kind of groundbreaking isn’t it?

I’ve been using it on just about everything. I find it particularly useful with guitar because it doesn’t change anything about the tone of the instrument just pulls out either body or clarity. Just used it on a cello. Brilliant. Just pulled the low end out of this cello. Perfectly got the bottom of the cello out of the way of the bass without changing the tone of the cello one bit.”

Saul Zonana 
Musician, multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Engineer (Adrien Belew, Ace Frehley, Crash Test Dummies)

Now it’s in every new mix.

SplitEQ has shown me a new brilliant way to shape sounds beyond the common equalization assumptions. The first time that I tried it, I was able to recover a track that was unfixable.” 

Antonio Escobar 
Educator, Producer, Composer (John Legend, Zara Larsson)

“It’s easy to isolate transients.

I’ve been able to transform sounds by using the strongest fundamental energy to reveal hidden character and depth. It’s a particularly beneficial tool for dialing in tight and powerful low end that retains dynamics.”

Dweezil Zappa
Guitarist, Composer (Steve Vai, Winger, Frank Zappa)

“Definitely a gamechanger.

What stands out to me the most about the SplitEQ, is the ability to retain key aspects of the affected band’s original sound. It can be far less destructive than any equalizer I’ve ever used… I feel like it produces results that I’d ordinarily use analog outboard gear to accomplish, but in a different, very intuitive, way.” 

Blake Harden
Engineer, Mixer (Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, SZA)

“SplitEQ opens the door to entirely new
mixing and processing possibilities.

We’ll be discovering new uses for this plugin for years to come.”

Damian Taylor
Producer, Mixer (Bjork, Arcade Fire, The Killers)

Great update to my workflow.

I often have too many tracks and nothing lets me fit all the elements like Split EQ. You really have created the rare gamechanger. I was able to focus the messiest speed metal guitars in a second. I often “fine pan” sections by just boosting and panning the transients in Split EQ.” 

Lars Deutsch
Film Composer, Producer, Mix Engineer (Amiena, Paloma Rush, Built to Last Music)

“This EQ is awesome.

Not only for mastering but also for individual sounds. You can choose the part of the sound that you want EQ’d, transient or tone. This plugin also allows you to see the frequencies in that sound so it is extremely quick to get just what you want.”

Steven Williams
Producer, Songwriter (Sting, Britney Spears, Rolling Stones)

“The more I dive in, the more I discover the power of this tool!

Not only is it a sweet EQ, but it also handles isolation, repair, widening, transient and tonal balancing. Fantastic for studio recording, game audio, sound design, and field recording.”

Dennis Bestafka
Game Sound Designer (Horizon, God of War, Ratchet & Clank)

“An amazing sound design tool…

As well as a fantastic mix plug-in. It’s truly a game-changer to combine EQ and transient design in such a flexible and accurate implementation. I particularly love applying SplitEQ to melodic and synth material, because I can sculpt the sonic signature of instruments in musical ways to make something new.”

Ronit Kirchman
Composer, Songwriter Musician (The Sinner, Evil Eye, Limetown)

“SplitEQ is badass!

I can now control transient and tonal material like a surgeon. I see this living on my drum bus and tons of other applications!”

John Nathaniel
Producer, Songwriter, Mixer (OneRepublic, Madison Beer, Gwen Stefani)

“A truly original approach.

It allows for example to work on aggressiveness and brightness without damaging the dynamics of the original sources.”

Leon Rousseau
Audio Restoration (Lobster Films, L.E. Diapason)

“The possibilities!!!!

Being able to EQ transients separately from the tonal portion of the sound , and have the ability to effect them separately as well as control them spatially opens up a whole new way of thinking about EQing, Sound Designing & Mixing.”

Scott Gershin
Sound Designer, Mixer (Night Crawler, Maya & the Three, Pacific Rim)

“It’s really fun to work with.

Just like the FabFilter Pro Q-3 it makes scooping and carving out sounds fun again. I feel like EQ’s need to be versatile in order to maintain the creative energy when doing such basic things and the SplitEQ definitely does that.”

Kjartan Holm
Composer (The Minister, Without Remorse, Sigur Rós)

“It’s been a life saver.

I’ve found it useful when I’m working with old tapes… Sometimes there’s dullness on these cthings and SplitEQ has become my go-to for really bringing these recordings to life.”

Michael Graves
Engineer, Audio Restoration, Preservation (Blondie, Wilco, Nina Simone)

“SplitEQ lets me get surgical in a way no other plug-in can.

It has been a lifesaver. I can both control and enhance tracks in ways I never thought possible.”

Daniel Rowland
Mastering/Atmos Engineer, Educator (Nina Simone, John Wick, The Fast and the Furious)

“SplitEQ just took the crown.

It’s the King of all EQs.”

Pat Hundley
Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Mixer, Engineer (Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Marilyn Manson)

“A new and better invention.

Not just an EQ, SplitEQ is as much a scalpel tool for solving tricky problems as it is a creative tool as it opens up exciting new musical possibilities.”

Ocicat Ruan 阮祥博
Atmos Mixing/Mastering Engineer (L+R SoundSystem Studio)

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