Changing the H9 Source Instrument - Eventide Audio

Changing the H9 Source Instrument

The source instrument setting optimizes the pitch algorithms and adjusts the ranges of filter knobs to best complement the selected source instrument. There are four source instruments from which to choose: Guitar, Bass, Synth Lead and Synth Bass. 

Changing Source Instrument using H9 Control:

  1. Connect H9 Control to your H9
  2. In H9 Control select the Pedal icon at the bottom of screen
  3. Select General Settings
  4. Select Source Instrument
  5. Select the source instrument

Changing Source Instrument using the stompbox:

  1. Press and hold the Big Knob and Right Footswitch simultaneously for a few seconds to enter System Mode. (The Left and Right Footswitch LEDs will flash RED continuously to remind you that you’re in this special mode.)
  2. Turn Knob until you see [UTILS]
  3. Press Knob
  4. Turn Knob until you see [SOURCE]
  5. Press Knob
  6. Turn Knob until you see the source instrument you want
  7. Press and hold Knob and Right Footswitch to exit System Mode. (Back to normal.)