Migrating from Gobbler to New Subscription Platform - Eventide Audio

Migrating from Gobbler to New Subscription Platform

We have migrated our Ensemble and Pro Reverb subscriptions (previously hosted by Gobbler) to a new platform. If you subscribed to either bundle through Gobbler, you’ll need to follow these steps in order to maintain access to your plugins:

Migrating your Account

Access the migration portal at https://subscriptions.eventideaudio.com/legacy

  1. Create a new subscription account. You will first be prompted to enter your email and create a new subscription account. This account is separate from your www.eventideaudio.com account.
    • You will be guided through importing your existing Gobbler subscription and then prompted to choose a new subscription plan – Monthly or Annual.
    • You’ll be asked for your iLok username, so have it handy. Please note that scanning your iLok account for existing subscription licenses may take several minutes
    • You will not be charged until the subscription refreshes. The checkout total might be $0.00, but the recurring price will be listed next to the product.
  2. Once you’ve purchased the new subscription, ensure you have the latest version of iLok License Manager installed on your studio/music production computer.
  3. Launch iLok License Manager and log in. Activate the new subscription license to your computer or iLok dongle.
  4. Your previously installed plugins will continue to work. If you’d like to update your plugins, you can download the latest installers from the downloads page on the subscription portal.