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H910 Single and Dual Harmonizer Artist Presets


Chris Carter is a pioneer in experimental electronic music. Performing in groups such as Throbbing Gristle as well as Chris & Cosey, Chris Carter has captivated fans all around the world with industrial sounds giving birth to the genre ‘Industrial Music’.

Single Presets
  • Echo Longer
  • Echo Shorter Falling
  • Echo Shorter Rising
  • Echo Shorter Wider
  • Echo Shorter
  • Grunger- Falling
  • Grunger- Moving
  • Rezonator (LOUD!)
  • Robot Flanger
  • Slap Backer
  • Slight Flange
  • Stereo Springs
  • Thickener
Dual Presets
  • 120bpm Beats Delay
  • 120bpm Flangy Slapback
  • 120bpm Hi Beats
  • 120bpm Hi-Lo Beats
  • 120bpm Lo Beats
  • Discordant
  • Flutter Mono
  • Flutter Stereo
  • Good for Rhythm-Falling
  • Good for Rhythm- Rising
  • Like Clockwork
  • Randomizor
  • Resonatorer
  • Rezonator (LOUD!)
  • Ring Modder
  • Robotter
  • Rough It Up
  • Slow Flange
  • Spring Has Sprung
  • Tiled Room
  • Wider-er
  • Zero Thru Phaser Mono
  • Zero Thru Phaser Stereo


Robin Finck is a guitar virtuoso most commonly known for his time in the bands Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses. Finck uses the guitar to be able to achieve a plethora of new sounds which made his songwriting unique and fascinating.

Single Presets
  • A-F 50
  • AF 100
  • A-F Reso C
  • DLY 60ms Echo center
  • DLY 112ms Echo center
  • DLY Blunt
  • DLY Hosed
  • DLY Tambura C
  • MAN .50 Black Bottom
  • MAN .82 Buried Alive
  • MAN .82 Mud Pulse
  • MAN .98 Wilting
  • MAN .99 abc
  • MAN .99 xyz
  • MAN 1.00 Full Spread
  • MAN 1.00 Overdrive
  • MAN 1.02 Warble abc
  • MAN 1.02 Warble xyz
  • MAN 1.18 Capo 3rd Warble
  • MAN 1.18 Idle
  • MAN 1.18 Jump For Joy
  • MAN 22.5ms Thickener wide
  • MAN 112ms Echo wide
  • MAN 112ms Single Slap wide
  • MAN FB Only


The Butcher Bros. Is a group of brothers that consists of Phil and Joe Nicolo. Together, the brothers have produced international acts from John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Cypress Hill and Anthrax just to name a few. Both have won awards individually and as a collaboration.

Single Presets
  • Going Down
  • Going Up
  • Gtr Dbl (Even More)
  • Gtr Dble (More)
  • Gtr Dbl
  • Old School Bass
  • Old School Crunch
  • Space Vocal
  • Spooky Vocal
  • Voc Dly
Dual Presets
  • Krazy Push Pull Vox
  • Phil C.
  • Stereo Clean
  • Stereo GTR


As a world renowned Engineer, Roy Hendrickson has worked with a great amount of successful musicians like Cheap Trick, Mike Stern, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Flo Rida and Empire of the Sun just to name a very few. Roy Hendrickson’s mastery of the studio has made him an engineer is the famous Avatar Studios in NYC.

Single Presets
  • Cool Feedback
  • Mono
Dual Presets
  • Rock Gtr Send Wide
  • Rock Gtr Send
  • Stereo Ping Pong DLY
  • Vocal Send Stereo Harm
  • Vocal Send Stereo Harm 2
  • Vocal Send- Moment (DLY Throw)


Having won multiple Grammy’s, Joe Chiccarelli became one of the most sought after Engineers/Producers/mixer. He has worked acts like Minus the Bear, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Morissey, Frank Zappa and many more. He has recently gotten a platinum album in Sweden for Doug Seeger and Jill Johnsons album.

Dual Presets
  • Acc Guitar Spreader
  • Bass Guitar Chorus
  • Drum Room Deepener
  • Elec Guitar Tunneling
  • Guitar Flanger
  • Guitar Pitched Slap
  • Guitar Pulsar
  • Guitar Zapparizer
  • Plastic OhNo Drum Slap
  • Snare Downturn
  • Snare Drum Doubler
  • Snare Fattener
  • Snare Upsweep
  • Synth Pad Enrichener
  • Vocal Choir
  • Vocal Doubler


DJ Sasha is a four time International Dance Musics Awards winner and also a four time DJ Awards Winner. These awards are just some of the reasons as to why he is one of the most well respected names in electronic music. Sasha has remixed tracks for acts like Madonna and Hot Chip. Sasha also became famous for his gear which revolutionized the way DJ’s used live sets moving away from turn table and discs.

Dual Presets
  • Broken Biscuit
  • Chorus Wash
  • Chub Chamber
  • Drum Genecide
  • Late Night Drum Destruction
  • Mad’s Echo
  • Neverending
  • Projectile delaying