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Sound designers and music producers will flip for Blackhole

The epic, evolving soundscapes, haunting drones and sinuous ambiences that it spits out have to be heard to be believed... In a word: cosmic.

Dance Music Producers check out Blackhole

The huge reverb would lend itself perfectly to cavernous echoes on dubstep snares, for example. More subtle settings sound exceptional on soft pad sounds, classic deep house Rhodes chords and even on percussion parts.

SOS checks out Blackhole

A simple clean guitar can be transformed into a vast atmospheric soundscape, but by the same token you can also turn things a touch sinister by heaping on the resonance, feedback and modulation depth.

Blackhole wins WIHO award!

In fact, the design, sound, and functionality make this an indispensable tools for professionals in audio engineering, post production, and even the project studio... Blackhole sat well in the mix and added exactly what was needed when deep space exploration was needed.

—James Linton,

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Blackhole plugin - Mind blown!

Blackhole has a huge sonic palate of spring, plate, and natural reverbs for you to choice from. If natural reverbs are not your thing Blackhole has some ungodly settings that will absolutely blow you away.

PAR Excellence Award for Blackhole

2012 PARExcellence award winner in the category Studio Software / Plug-Ins: Channel!

Blackhole Wins Performance Award

 Incredibly rich sound, this makes it the perfect tool for creating big, movie-style effects and crazy, warped sounds out of run-of-the-mill sources.

H3000 Factory and Blackhole Update

64-bit plug-ins now compatible with Pro Tools 11, VST Mac and PC and AU – no dongle required