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On the Road with Umphrey's McGee

For almost 20 years now Umphrey’s McGee has been one of the hardest working and most innovative bands in the business. We recently caught up with bass player Ryan Stasik and talked about how the band uses effects with their improvisational style.

Korg A3 Preset?



Does anyone know a Korg A3 or close to it preset on the H9?  Trying to match "Mysterious Ways."  Thanks!  

ram and buffering when switching between presets


Something that puncuates a performance can be when you switch presets,
I'm curious about how much ram is in the h9 and which sort of ram it is etc ?


How request actual values of controls in H9?


Hi all,
as H9 does not support multiple MIDI clients on Windows 10 I cannot use it for automation in my DAW. Cubase 9 pro here.
So I cannot open H9 Control and Cubase at the same time. That would be the smartest option. 

H9 CrushStation Saturation with an Orville



I have had my orville for around 5 years. I just managed to update it to v3.002 on Mac with some advice from Italo.

I'm currently using a lot of Harmonics / Saturation processors ITB & noticed that the H9 offeres a new "CrushStation". I would like to know if the sounds & algos used on the H9 are possible to recreate with an Orville?

I havent yet dug into vSigX but I have (I believe) a working version & a working Serial - USB adapter. I'm just searching for a decent learning recource for it before I dig in "blind".

wet dry mix on modulation algorithms


hi guys.
i cant seem to find another topic addressing this but im wanting to blend a flange under my clean tone. is this at all possible with the h9?
as if it was in parrallel.. so i could then have some pretty crazy effect but not take over the sound..
similarly to make a chorus less noticable.
the intensity control even at 0 still sounds really affected by the effect.


Recommendations please - MIDI Controller for multiple H9s


Hello H9 users,

I am currently trying to decide on and purchase, the best possible choice of a new MIDI foot controller to use with my three H9s.

To be honest, while I have done a lot of research myself, and I have even done a detailed comparison of features and specs in a spreadsheet ... But none of that bears the same weight as the honest opinions of experienced users - i.e. That's you.

First of all, does Eventide recommend any specific MIDI controllers that will work well controlling say, 3 H9s?

bass guitar to sound like a 303? H9


trying hard to make preset that makes my bass sound like a classic roland 303 synth bass but nothing decent yet. has anyone developed a sound like this?

connect from MacOS to H9 via midi




My bluetooth connection is a bit hit and miss so I wanted to connect to H9 (v. 5.4) from MacOS via midi.


Alleged Issue With H9 MIDI Thru



I am currently researching and comparing MIDI controllers to use with my three Eventide H9 pedals.

And possibly, my two Factor series stomps, too.

During my research, I read something quite, quite alarming, on one of the MIDI pedal manufacturer's sites:

"Some devices have a MIDI output / thru but do not reliably pass incoming MIDI data – The Eventide Factor series and H9 are like this."