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How request actual values of controls in H9?


Hi all,
as H9 does not support multiple MIDI clients on Windows 10 I cannot use it for automation in my DAW. Cubase 9 pro here.
So I cannot open H9 Control and Cubase at the same time. That would be the smartest option. 

H9 CrushStation Saturation with an Orville



I have had my orville for around 5 years. I just managed to update it to v3.002 on Mac with some advice from Italo.

I'm currently using a lot of Harmonics / Saturation processors ITB & noticed that the H9 offeres a new "CrushStation". I would like to know if the sounds & algos used on the H9 are possible to recreate with an Orville?

I havent yet dug into vSigX but I have (I believe) a working version & a working Serial - USB adapter. I'm just searching for a decent learning recource for it before I dig in "blind".

wet dry mix on modulation algorithms


hi guys.
i cant seem to find another topic addressing this but im wanting to blend a flange under my clean tone. is this at all possible with the h9?
as if it was in parrallel.. so i could then have some pretty crazy effect but not take over the sound..
similarly to make a chorus less noticable.
the intensity control even at 0 still sounds really affected by the effect.


Recommendations please - MIDI Controller for multiple H9s


Hello H9 users,

I am currently trying to decide on and purchase, the best possible choice of a new MIDI foot controller to use with my three H9s.

To be honest, while I have done a lot of research myself, and I have even done a detailed comparison of features and specs in a spreadsheet ... But none of that bears the same weight as the honest opinions of experienced users - i.e. That's you.

First of all, does Eventide recommend any specific MIDI controllers that will work well controlling say, 3 H9s?

bass guitar to sound like a 303? H9


trying hard to make preset that makes my bass sound like a classic roland 303 synth bass but nothing decent yet. has anyone developed a sound like this?

connect from MacOS to H9 via midi




My bluetooth connection is a bit hit and miss so I wanted to connect to H9 (v. 5.4) from MacOS via midi.


Alleged Issue With H9 MIDI Thru



I am currently researching and comparing MIDI controllers to use with my three Eventide H9 pedals.

And possibly, my two Factor series stomps, too.

During my research, I read something quite, quite alarming, on one of the MIDI pedal manufacturer's sites:

"Some devices have a MIDI output / thru but do not reliably pass incoming MIDI data – The Eventide Factor series and H9 are like this."

Question about MAXout Program


I just bought a H9 and noticed that I can upgrade to the H9 Max with additional algorithm purchases. According to this page, I can upgrade with 20 algorithms, but the question I have is - do the 9 already included on the H9 count towards the 20 or do I have to buy 20 additional algorithms in addition to the 9 already on the H9? The FAQ didn't specifically say, so I just wanted to clarify.

H9 with fx loop and stomboxes




I would like to know what would be the best set up for my H9. I want o use it before and after.

I have an eleven Rack (with fx loop), few stompboxes, (OD, filter, Octaver) and the H9.

My set up is :

Guitar ->Stompboxes->Eleven Rack Input

H9 send/Renturn of the fx loop.


Thank you.

H9 algorithms as plugins


Do you think Eventide will ever consider a plugin version of the H9 algorithms? I love my H9. I know the algorithms are based on combinations of things available in Anthology X, but it's tied together so well in the H9. I have Anthology X too.