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I have 2 H9s max. I was wondering if anyone knew of an algorithm or preset that does/sounds strings (like a violin and cello combined). The shimmer reverb is close.

Start MIDI Clock when loading presets [H9]


Hi Eventide,


I'm having an issue with the MIDI clock on the H9. Every time I load a new preset via MIDI PC or Left Footswitch, the MIDI clock doesn't seem to work. It start the synchronization only when I tap a tempo.

I made a search on this forum and other people are having the same issue, someone from the staff said this was fixed but it's not for me.


Is there a workaround for this? I'm using the lastest firmware version.




H9 algorithm name display


I find the current way of displaying only the first few characters of the algorithm very limiting. After the numerical digit you have what only about 5 characters? Can you make the name scroll in the display, either the whole thing, e.g. "12.DELAY + MOD" or just the portion after the numerical digit? Thanks.

H9 Midi Port Option Gone from H9 Control


Hey guys! So, I have a question. . . Well, an observation really. Has anyone else noticed that the option to assign the H9 as a virtual port is missing now? I just upgraded to the newest version of H9 Control and that option is now gone. Is there a reason for that? Thanks in advance!


H9 MIDI Help - Tech 21 Midi Mouse



I'm new to using MIDI pedals. I recently bought a Tech 21 Midi Mouse to switch between presets on my H9.

When I first bought it, it worked fine. It only has 3 buttons; up, down and active/search

H9 aux switch settings won't save


I am using an H9 with a T1M 3 button aux switch.

I am assigning Tip to decrement preset, Ring to increment preset and Tip + Ring to Performance switch. 

Every time I power down and then power up, aux switch settings revert to Tip: tap tempo, Ring: increment preset, Tip + Ring: decrement preset.

I have tried making the changes in app, via Bluetooth and USB, and directly on hardware. I am using H9 power supply. Changes still revert every time.

CrushStation Wins Guitar Player Hall of Fame Award

Guitar Player today announced that the Eventide H9's CrushStation algorithm is the recipient of its 2015 Hall of Fame Maximum Gear award in the Technology category. 

Maximum Gear

The Maximum Gear awards shine a spotlight on the most awesome gizmos we played with this past year. The products could be Editors’ Pick Award winners in 2015 (actually, in this case, from the December 2014 issue through the November 2015 issue), and/or devices that also blew our minds with incredible design, superlative value, transcendent craftsmanship, or fun factor.

How To H9 Still Previous Notes When Changing Preset ?


If I bypass the H9,

it still have previous notes with previous effect,

but if I change different preset it just jump to next preset without previous effect,

anyone have way to solve?

I have 3 H9's..


I'm pretty familiar with them and have been working with them for a while now, just wondering if i'm missing any cool tips/tricks or any cool preset combinations, or just missing any capabilities i could be using?