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Replacing the MIDI Connectors on all the Factor Pedals


Hi Folks,

I have an idea for replacing the midi connectors on all my factor pedals.  I've been looking around at a better solution because I can't seem to fit all four pedals on a single drawer in my rack because of the midi connectors.

So, I started brainstorming and I thought to myself, why can't I just replace the midi connector with a different low-profile connector that has up to 5 lines of connections for data transfer?  So, it came to me that I could possibly replace it with a USB Micro type B connector like this one:

BYPASS via MIDI issue


Hello there


I'm having an issue regarding MIDI control

I have a Modfactor that i want to place on the effects loop of my amp, while i'm controlling the preset change with a BOSS-ES 5 foot-switch contoller
I also want to have presets that make the unit bypassed so i'm inserting "125" for the modfactor in my first boss preset and it all seem really great. modfactor is bypassed!

ModFactor: sync tremolo to MIDI clock


I've tried to sync tremolo to MIDI clock but it sounds terribly off. It syncs to the tempo correctly but it's not in sync with the beat.

The clock comes from LogicPro but I probably have to offset it to make it sound good.

Does anybody have experience with this issue? Years ago I tried to sync the Boss Slicer and I never really got it working so maybe it's a problem of Logic not consistently sticking to the programmed offset.

Would be great to get some more info on this topic. Thanks.

modFactor preset levels


Hi everybody

I love the modFactor's sound but I have problems with the different levels of the presets: changing presets live cause big volume jumps.

In H9 Control there's al level fader but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Thanks for all hints!

PJ Wassermann


No bypass mode!


Hi guys! I just updated the software on my Modfactor to the new 5.2.0 (beta) version. I understand there might be bugs due to it being a beta version, but I was wondering if anyone has the same issue as me. I plugged my Modfactor into my laptop and ran the H9 app for Windows. Now it doesn't matter whether I have the effect set to ACTIVE or BYPASS, the effect stays on! So there's no bypassing the effect...

Powering the Factors at 12V/300mA


Hey mates,

I'm looking for an alternative to power my Factors (a ModFactor and a TimeFactor), other than the stock supply provided with them (for the sake of facility).

As I've read earlier, it seems that a supply that generates 12V/300mA could work just fine to power them. And I found the T-Rex Juicy Lucy, which has exactly this capability, at a reasonable price here in Brazil...

Unable to update MODFACTOR Software


Hope I'm not creating a repeated post but couldnt find what I was after.

I have modfactor and I'm trying to run the update software. It finds it but doesnt list available updates or previous versions. I've tried on windows, two different Macbooks and no difference.

I am I missing something? Is it not available for my pedal?

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Need cc# charts for TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space pedals


I need charts showing what all of the cc numbers are and what they are for for the Eventide ModFactor, TimeFactor, PitchFactor, and Space pedals. That info is not in the manuals.


Release Notes for v5.8.5[1]


5.8.5[1] Release Notes:

Added TriceraChorus [TRICER] algorithm to the H9. TriceraChorus is a three voice chorus and two voice detuner, all in one H9 Algorithm.

Updated H9 Max Factory Preset List to v4.  This preset list includes presets from the TriceraChorus algorithm.