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Blackhole wins WIHO award!

In fact, the design, sound, and functionality make this an indispensable tools for professionals in audio engineering, post production, and even the project studio... Blackhole sat well in the mix and added exactly what was needed when deep space exploration was needed.

—James Linton,

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Blackhole plugin - Mind blown!

Blackhole has a huge sonic palate of spring, plate, and natural reverbs for you to choice from. If natural reverbs are not your thing Blackhole has some ungodly settings that will absolutely blow you away.

H3000 Factory receives WIHO award reviews the H3000 Factory plugin to see how it measures up against the original rack unit.

 It delivered the crème de le crème of delay, pitch and almost anything related to special, time and pitch-based effects. Prepare to be wowed and humbled by this stellar, spot-on, virtual re-creation of the vintage hardware.

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DigiZine reviews H3000 Factory

 It faithfully recreates the original’s features while adding such software advantages as the ability to store your patches with your session, instantly sync any parameter to tempo, and automate all buttons and sliders.

Electronic Musician H3000 Factory Review

...You’ll be amply rewarded with sounds that transcend the ordinary.

AskAudio Magazine reviews Ultrareverb

The algorithms are fantastic, the sound is lush and never harsh, the effect modules are plentiful and the presets load quickly and efficiently.

Blackhole Wins Performance Award

 Incredibly rich sound, this makes it the perfect tool for creating big, movie-style effects and crazy, warped sounds out of run-of-the-mill sources.

2016 Stereo Room Installer for Mac

This is for 2016 Stereo Room, NOT SP2016 Reverb.

Make sure you are downloading the correct installer for the plugin you have.

Release Notes


  • Added tail clearing on playback start/stop and plugin bypass/unbypass (where applicable, subject to host and plugin format support)
  • Fix occasional crash during installation on macOS High Sierra
  • Fix issue where plugin was not loading in GarageBand on macOS Catalina



Eventide announces 2016 Stereo Room and Omnipressor for AAX64, AU, and VST Native