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Missing Rose Pedals


Dear Rose Pedal Customer,

It has come to our attention that a number of these products have been sold or are being offered for sale on eBay by seller thecobracache and possibly by others. Unfortunately, these are DEFECTIVE units, with a variety of faults.  

Premier Guitar Rose Review

Rose nails what many guitarists love about analog delay, producing warm, inviting tones that sit prettily alongside your dry signal. Many players would probably choose the Rose over a true analog delay in a blind listening test.

ROSE Review/Demo


FYI… if you’re not into watching/listening to the entire demo, I encourage you to put on headphones and tune in around 10:15 for a sample composition with various Rose settings that was recorded with the Hooke Verse 3D audio headphones… listen as the binaural sounds swirl around your head! 


Sound on Sound Rose Review

It channels the vibe of a bucket-brigade delay but without the unwanted noise...There's enough tweakability and external controllability to keep the geeks amongst us happy for hours, but at the same time those who just want a really sweet-sounding delay with some useful modulation options won't be intimidated by what they find.

Rose MIDI Implementation Guide

Rose MIDI Implementation

Rose supports the following MIDI functionality:
  • TRS MIDI input
  • USB MIDI input/output
  • Continuous control (CC) messages received for real-time control.
  • Program Change
  • System Exclusive (SYSEX) dump of presets and entire system state