#TBT Richard Factor on NAMM 2019 - Eventide Audio

#TBT Richard Factor on NAMM 2019

Is Trade Show Fatigue Setting In?

I know, me too. Tough darts to us both. And yet, if this blog is to maintain a semblance of temporal coherence in the face of the sloth and lackadaisical attitude of its perpetrator, I must dispose of NAMM before I can get to new activities. Such as the recently concluded NAB (Broadcasting) convention.

Q: Yikes! Another steenkin’ convention?
A: Yes, but I’ll give us both a break before I have to look at more pictures.

NAMM, which used to be the National Association of Music Merchants, and maybe still is as long as one isn’t referring to the NAMM show itself, is big. It fills the Anaheim Convention Center, including, at least this year, a building I didn’t even know existed. My company had an unusually large stand this year because we had new products to show and a lot of people there to show them. I was especially fond of the backdrop of our booth that had great historical significance, or would have if I weren’t the oldest person at the show and the only person who knew what all that ancient stuff was. 

The CES has its Hall of iPhone Cases. NAMM has the Hall of Ukes. And of drums. And violins. There was even a manufacturer of conductor batons, which seemed to be all they did. Really! 

Q: Really? That’s it? Conductor batons?
A: Pictures don’t lie!*

But in addition to all those “halls” which are really just large blocks of vendors, there are all sorts of instruments, musical accessories and amps, and, increasingly, pro gear. NAMM seems to be subsuming much of the gear and vendors that have traditionally been exhibiting at the Audio Engineering Society conventions. So there I was…

Here’s That Fabulous Backdrop 

Pick out a young Tony and a long-haired Richard. Find a remarkably strong Todd. Not to mention the first plug-ins. If you think one of the photos is a Plant, you’re right!

Yes, there are more photos from our stand. Thought you’d never ask.

It’s Not all Batons and Eventide, Though

Joe Berger and friend.
Electric Violist Martha Mooke.
The Tonewood Amp gang and their internal (to the guitar) effects unit.
The amazing Kashyap Iyengar demoing a Kurzweil piano.

Not bad. Got through a big convention with very little babble. There seems to be a lot less irony and silliness at NAMM than at CES, or maybe, because I know a lot more people, I’m kept busier and don’t get to photograph the stupid stuff.

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