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Using Eventide Effects for Movie Sound Design

Marcelo Cyro has worked for more than 15 years as a sound designer and engineer. He and his partner, Pedro Lima, worked on sound for the Brazilian movie, The Boy and the World, which has won awards at over 40 film festivals and was recently nominated for an Oscar® in the category of Animated Feature Film.

Their company WeCanDo is an audio post-production facility specializing in sound design, mixing, ADR (automated dialog replacement) and Foley, to help tell stories through sound.

Marcelo is a big fan of Eventide plug-ins and has created a few videos to demonstrate how he’s used H3000 Factory and UltraReverb in sound design. In addition to working on cartoons and feature films, Marcelo and Jo Borges teach sound design at MusicBit Art School in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here are a few pics of their students using Eventide Anthology X plug-ins in class.

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