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What’s New in Physion Mk II?

Physion Mk II is a production toolkit that enables you to selectively apply effects to the Transient and Tonal elements of a signal, giving you greater creative freedom and flexibility to sculpt your sound. This new update includes various improvements and new effects. Take a look at some of the highlights of this exciting release. 

With our new Polyphonic Pitch Shifting algorithm you can retune an entire drumset, add new voices by shifting guitars and strings, or re-pitch your samples and loops with style. Hear an example on guitar using our “Guitar to Bass” preset:

Wet/Dry/Wet Example of the “Guitar to Bass” Preset

New Reverse Delay effect with Envelope Retriggering, plus Crystals and Ping Pong modes. Create rhythmic granular delays on drums, silky-smooth Crystals effects on guitar, or pad out any source with ping-ponging ambient washes.

Wet/Dry/Wet Example of the “Reverse Tremolo” Preset

Plus, you also get these additional features:

  • NEW Side Chain input for dynamics processors
  • NEW Resizable GUI with scrolling waveform display and easy-to-use layout
  • Over 500 Presets curated for a variety tasks including mixing and sound design