Artist-in-Residence: Martha Mooke - Eventide Audio

Artist-in-Residence: Martha Mooke

In this new blog series, composer and electro-acoustic violist, Martha Mooke, will be exploring multifaceted ways of using the H9. Keep an eye out for videos on violins, violas, cellos, saxophones, electronic winds and brass, voice, synths, percussion and more!

Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

I’m very proud to be named as Eventide’s first ever Artist in Residence! Their gear has helped shape my sounds for many years and I’m excited to share my work, dive deep into the vast dimensionality of the H9 and help fellow music creators discover ways to access their inner “Shimmer. I was bitten by the Eventide bug back in 1993 when I was an Artist in Residence at Harvestworks working on material for my first solo CD, Enharmonic Vision. The audio engineer plugged my electric viola into the H3000SE Ultra Harmonizer and I never looked back!  The title track, Enharmonic Vision, makes extensive use of the Crystal Echoes algorithm (I played harmonics, glissando-ing up and down the fingerboard).

I kept the H3000 ad taped to my wall dreaming, someday, of owning that double rack mount piece of multi effects gold!  Fast forward a decade or two, and now, with the H9, I have the power at my feet (which is critical when you have a viola in one hand and a bow in the other!)

Expanded pedal board for multimedia work “Dreaming in Sound”

My H9 goes with me wherever I perform, from the studio to the nightclub to the concert hall (I even used it in my debut performance with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia last year!)

I’ll also be addressing ways of using the H9 as a compositional tool as well as performance and studio uses. So, stay tuned for info, insights, blogs and vlogs dedicated to all these and more!  Join the conversation on the Eventide forum or the Facebook user group and let us know what you play and how you use your H9!