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Insider – 100% Swill-free: No Sale, No Promo, No Products

Welcome to the Eventide Insider!

First off, we want to say thanks for neglecting to ‘unsubscribe’ from our newsletter for yet another year. And, of course, thanks for your support. As we welcome 2019 (anno MMXIX), we thought we’d share some non-product related memories of 2018 (anno MMXVIII).

Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY®

Back in January, Richard Factor and Tony Agnello were recognized by the Recording Academy with a Lifetime Achievement Technical Grammy award. These fossils have been at it for 47 years creating iconic products while introducing words like ‘glitch’ into the audio lexicon. As Richard likes to point out – “It’s all our fault.”

Over the spring and summer we ‘did’ the roof and went solar. Here’s Richard awash in photons.

Meet Our Artist in Residence, Martha Mooke

Composer and electro-acoustic violist, Martha Mooke, recently came on board as our first ever Artist in Residence.  She’ll be helping folks who don’t play guitar get the most out of the H9. Keep an eye out for videos for fretless strings, winds, brass and more. Check out Martha (and her ‘incredible playback equipment’) at her recent performance on NY’s WQXR.

Gear Club Podcast 2 Year Anniversary

Word is that the Gear Club Podcast has over 50,000 subscribers. We’re not shocked. It’s great. We love it. And we hope John and Stewart keep doing it. If you haven’t listened, give it a try. You’ll hear some great stories and even learn a thing or three about recording. At this year’s AES in NY, the podcast was live on stage with guests Tony Visconti  and Bob Clearmountain. Recent guests include Kevin KillenRoy HendricksonChuck Zwicky and George Massenburg. Gear Club is available on most podcast apps.

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Here’s wishing one and all the happiest of new years.