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Martha Mooke: Notating Effects in Musical Scores

Martha Mooke: Electro-Acoustic Violinist

When composing the title track of my new solo electric viola CD, "No Ordinary Window," I considered the Eventide H9 to be a member of my ensemble, a collaborating player/instrument. Although technically written for a solo instrument, the work is essentially chamber music. On the recording, and perhaps better illustrated when played live, the music on the page takes on a multidimensionality, incorporating harmonization, rhythmic complexity, as well as expanding and enhancing the natural sound of the viola.

Josh Sklair, Etta James & the Eventide H3000SE

Josh Sklair & Etta James

As Etta James' Musical Director and Guitar Player for 25 years, I've won Grammys for co-producing two of her Blues albums. Working on Etta's album, "All the Way" in 2006, we had an unfinished version of "I Believe I Can Fly." Normally I left the "rack gear" at home when working with Etta—she was the Real Deal and we kept everything pretty raw—but this album was an exception because we were doing more contemporary material.