BD500 - Eventide Audio

The Eventide BD500 is designed to enable a broadcast licensee to prevent obscene and/or libelous material from being transmitted over the air. It does this by automatically delaying program material by up to 20 seconds (optionally 40) allowing time for the monitoring operator to make the decision as to whether the material being delayed fits into either category. If objectionable material is heard, patented electronic circuitry allows all or a portion of the delayed audio to be “dumped” and the program resumed without interruption. The delay time is increased automatically and gradually after the “dump” occurs. A remote control option allows an external relay to be attached which would prevent uncontrolled sources, such as telephone callers, from being aired until the delay time is again long enough to provide protection. The BD500 has some special functions to make it convenient to use: the WAIT AND EXIT function can be used to synchronize to a network or live signal feed, and the RAMP TO ZERO function can be used to decrease the delay time to 0.00 gradually after it is no longer needed for a safety margin.


  • Up to 20 (40) seconds of stereo audio delay.
  • Allows multiple DUMP operations without exhausting the delay buffer. The DUMP function is adjustable and may be configured to delete an amount between 1.0 seconds and 20.0 (40.0) seconds.
  • SNEEZE function replaces microphone mute switch and allows short interruptions to be unnoticeable
  • Patented Eventide Rebuild (catch-up) provides fast recovery from a DUMP or SNEEZE while show is in progress
  • 24-bit Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters • 32000 or 48000 samples per second sample rate
  • Precision Fixed Delay mode which allows a front panel selectable delay between 2.25mS and 20.0 (40.0) seconds in steps of around 100uS.
  • WAIT AND EXIT drops from full delay to 0.00 delay in 20 (40) seconds
  • RAMP TO ZERO reduces the delay slowly using the same patented Eventide process as Rebuild
  • WAIT FOR SAFE function allows starting a show with a safe amount of delay
  • Numeric display shows amount of delay
  • Front panel configuration and display of audio input and output attenuation
  • Remote control inputs to trigger SNEEZE and DUMP
  • Relay contacts to signal safe condition and DUMP button actuation



1.75h x 19w x 12.5d
4.4h x 48.3w x 32d


6 lbs. net


50 watts, 100-240V AC 50/60Hz