BD960 - Eventide Audio

Practical And Economical Obscenity Protection

Whether you are a station servicing a smaller market or you are broadcasting a shock jock in the big city, the remarkably inexpensive BD960 is ideal for safeguarding your live audio broadcast needs. Any station that ever plans a live call-in or even slightly risky in-studio guest will benefit from having a BD960 delay unit in its protective arsenal.

You’re on the air, and someone has just opened his or her big mouth a little too wide. Don’t Panic!

Just hit the Delete button, and the obscene caller or out-of-control studio guest never reaches the air. The Delete function also closes a relay contact. With an easily built relay box, this can automatically start a six (or three or twelve) second cart – a short program promo, a station ID, a funny “zapper,” anything you want. When the delay period “plays out,” your delay switches you back “almost live” on the air with full delay protection restored. The whole operation takes just one button. What could be simpler?

What could be simpler, indeed!

How about “no need for an easily built relay box or filler cart”? With the BD960, you need no relay, no filler cart – because filler playback is built into the unit! The BD960 AutoFill™ Broadcast Delay has a built-in memory to store material to use to fill those embarrassing silences while the delay period is regained. Since the memory is non-volatile, you don’t have to worry about losing it in a power failure; since it’s fully electronic, you don’t have to worry about loss of quality as it gets played and played and played. And, perhaps best of all, since it doesn’t add to the cost of the unit, you don’t have to justify paying extra for the feature!


Some choices you don’t have to make…

Previous BD900-series models required you to specify mono or stereo and the delay length at the time of ordering. But you don’t have to make these choices with the BD960. ALL units are stereo, ALL have a maximum delay of eight seconds, adjustable to any value up to the maximum. And with the low cost of the BD960, you don’t need to choose whether to run unprotected on incidental programs, remotes, or on other occasions. Sure, if you’re a heavy talk station, you will probably want our world-standard BD600 delay with its patented “catch up” feature and ability to unobtrusively build up delay with no program interruption. But any station that ever plans a live call-in or even slightly risky in-studio guest will benefit from having a BD960 delay unit in its protective arsenal.

  • One-Button Delete
  • Full Stereo
  • 8 Second, Fully-Adjustable Delay
  • Autofill Built-In Filler Playback
  • Non-Volatile Digital Memory
  • Industry Standard XLR-Type I/O
  • Compact 1-U Design
  • RS-232 Serial Interface

You can’t say that on the radio…

But people who know that sometimes slip, and many enjoy testing limits. Recent changes and decisions at the FCC have made it riskier than ever to be risqué, and libel lawsuits and penalties in the U.S. and other countries can be more costly than FCC fines. With its spectacular audio specifications, the BD960 lets you control these risks with maximum convenience for you and transparency for your listeners.


Audio Inputs

Audio Input Connectors

2 XLR female balanced line

Input Impedance

10K ohms bridging

Input Level

-6 dBm to +25 dBm, adjustable +/- 10dB

Audio Outputs

Audio Output Connectors

2 XLR female balanced line

Output Impedance

Less than 50 ohms, balanced, for driving 600 ohm load

Output Drive

Output amplifier clipping level > +25dBm

A/D and Digital Signal Path Characteristics

A/D/A Conversion


Dynamic Range


Sampling Rate


Frequency Response

10Hz – 22kHz +/- 1dB





Recorded Signal (“Filler Cart”) Specifications


Up to 8 seconds stereo

Dynamic Range


Sampling Rate


Frequency Response

10Hz – 22kHz +/- 1dB



Operating Controls and Indicators





Remote Control Connectors and Signals

Delete Delay

2 N/O relay contacts that close during DELETE

Remote Jack

Allows external contact closure to ground to cause DELETE and BYPASS


Allows simple remote control from a PC or other computer


Standard 19″ (48.26cm) rack


Standard 1u (1 3/4″ / 4.44 cm) rack mount

Depth Behind Panel

10.5″/26.67cm excluding connectors

Temperature Range

40-120° F (5-49° C)

Power Requirement

Less than 25 watts, 100-240 volts universal power supply

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