Dan Gillespie AudioNewsroom.net Interview - Eventide Audio

Dan Gillespie AudioNewsroom.net Interview

The folks over at audionewsroom.net recently caught up with our senior DSP Engineer, Dan Gillespie, to discuss Eventide’s latest software release, Anthology X

Do you have any advice for aspiring software engineers who have ideas forming, and want to start creating the ultimate plugin?

DG> A lot of people will tell you to find a problem and solve it, but I don’t think this is always the best advice. If you’re making products for musicians they are often not looking to solve problems, they’re looking to be inspired to create music. If you design a product that helps them achieve new sounds, go down new paths, or just inspires them to create, they’ll love you for it. I think that’s something Eventide has always been good at, and something I’ve learned over the years.

Is there a particular Eventide product of the past you would have loved to be involved with?

DG> I feel very blessed to have contributed at least a small something to all the DSP products Eventide is currently making. And most recently, working with Tony Agnello on the DSP models of the H910 and H949 has been incredibly insightful. It’s been revealing to hear the problems he faced and the solutions he chose in a development environment very different from me working on a laptop. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall during the development of the SP2016, which was Eventide’s first modern digital multi-effect, in the sense that it was a vanilla box into which you could write algorithms, rather than the algorithms being integrally connected to the hardware. That said, I’m most excited about Eventide products which are yet to come.

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