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Posted by pdqstudio


i’ve isolated the problem to whenever protools reassigns dsp resources (reactivating/deactivating plug ins) although i have a large system (4 mix farm; 3 dsp farm cards) this happens fairly frequently. each time protools reassigns dsp, i have to open the respective eventide plug-ins; and move any control in the window…or recall the setting from the preset setting list. as you can imagine, this can be quite an inconvenience (especially if you forget to check the settings after the file is opened or dsp is reassigned) for now, i believe the only solution is to automate all settings on the eventide plug-ins (although this isn’t convenient, either)

after some testing, i found the only way to duplicate the problem was to have enough tdm plug-ins used so the program is forced to re-assign dsp…on my setup this duplicates the problem each time. if i had a mix that didn’t require re-assigning of dsp, the problem does not occur. since my main job is mixing, the possibility of a mix not needing to occasionally have it’s dsp reassigned is pretty remote…it’s a routine part of opening most every mix (which will usually involve anywhere from 30-50 tracks with dozens of tdm plug-in instances)

hope this info helps…